Mrs. Mercury (tolrak) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Mrs. Mercury

DS: Bowler hat from Yolanda Lolita

Hi girls,

I need to clean up my closet, so here I go with an accesories' sale :)


- I ship from Spain
- All the items are new, like new or in good condition
- I don't reserve items
- First loli in leave her Paypal address gets the item
- No trades, I need the money!
- Here is my EGL feedback:
- And here you can see other feedback:
- Prices include Paypal taxes
- Prices don't include shipping costs
- I only accept Paypal (or bank trasfer if you live in Spain)

1. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright tote bag : SOLD OUT

2. Fidel David's set: SOLD OUT

3. Yolanda Lolita bowler hat: SOLD OUT

4. Sentimental Circus tote bag: SOLD OUT

5. Rose pendant: SOLD


Thanks for looking! ^^
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, handmade, taobao
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