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WTB; Queens Coach and MANY more! DT; VM Beth, Baby, ParaKiss

Location: Adelaide, Australia.
Payment Method: Paypal please.
Feedback: Ebay & EGL
I'm aware that my EGL feedback page is empty, so I have provided my Ebay one.
I have however bought from many EGL users, I simply did not ask for feedback.

If you list a price please include shipping to Adelaide, Australia & PP fees in your quote. Thankyou!

I'm interested in buying a multitude of items, brand or offbrand. Show me anything!!
I especially love vests, underbust & corset style dresses. I also love stripes..!
I'm not a fan of sweet but you can show me. c:

My Measurements ;;
Bust: 94cm (37inch)
Waist: 73cm (28inch)
Hip 94cm (37 inch)
This means my waist fits most dresses, might need some shirring on some corset skirts and my bust needs shirring for almost all dresses!

Dream dresses!!

AATP Queens Coach JSK II
Preferably Navy colourway, possibly black.

IW Felicia Crown Skirt
Either colourway (Black or White!)

AATP Stained Angel print JSK
Ivory colourway only please!

AP Letter Regimental JSK
Black colourway only please.

AATP Kuranosuke Striped JSK
Black colourway.

VM British Check JSK
Gray Twilight colourway

VM Noble Regimental Dress
Antique Beige colourway. This is still available on the website! (SS?)

IW Antique Striped Skirt
Navy colourway

AATP Name of the Rose Print Vest
Black x Grey colourway.

Yolanda Silent Night Gothic Long Skirt
Black colourway.

IW Antique Book Bag
Any colourway.

Also WTB any of the following; (some in multiple/any colourway)

DT; These are the items I have for trade <3
My proof is the bunny & tablecloth.

Victorian Maiden Beth Chiffon Frill JSK in Black.
This is a stunning dress that really stands out in this colourway.
It's very beautiful and will be sorely missed. Please treasure it!

Stock pictures
(Click for Hellolace entry with measurements)

My proof picture

More pics
This dress has been worn once by me, once or twice by previous owner.

BTSSB Crown Gobelin JSK in black.
Perfect for those who like gobelin prints, as the velveteen gives the eye an easy rest form too much clutter.

Stock picture
(Click for Hellolace entry with measurements)

My proof picture

More pics
This dress has been tried on by me, never worn. Not sure about previous owner.
Small snagged threads as detailed below:

Parakiss JSK in white.
Stock pictures, ParaKiss is a Korean brand.
Korean size 66; M ; US size 8-10

My proof picture

Bows are included, I simply forgot them in the photos.
More pics
Dress is brand new, never worn. I'm the first owner.

Bodyline Wa-loli OP in black
Stock picture
Bodyline size M.

My proof picture

I've tied up one side of the skirt to show if can be worn both ways. c:
More pics
Before being tied:
After being tied:
Dress is brand new, never worn. I'm the first owner.

Thank you for your time!!

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