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DS: Huge Post, Lots of Brands, Lots of Items (96 total)


* All prices are in USD, but I'm shipping from Japan.

*The price you see is the FINAL PRICE. There are NO extra fees (with the exception of South American buyers- see below).

*SHIPPING: The included shipping is airmail shipping.  Due to high shipping rates from Japan, if you are from South America, please add $2.10 to the  price. SHIPPING for Asia/North America/Europe IS ALREADY INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.  You should leave your country in your comment if you are from South America.  If you would rather have EMS shipping (which is traceable, insured, express shipping) please let me know when you comment. Airmail is not insured or traceable, and at your own risk!  I will try to ship items within a week.

*TO CLAIM AN ITEM: Items go to the first person that leaves their Paypal address. If you have a question, please ask, but DON'T leave your paypal until you are 100% sure you are ready to purchase.  ONCE AGAIN:  Leaving your paypal=BUYING.  I will leave negative feedback if you do not follow through with a purchase after leaving your paypal.

*Payment is expected within a timely manner (3 days , please discuss any longer periods with me before leaving your Paypal address, I may be willing to work with you).

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_________________________To the Sales!____________________

Item One: Angelic Pretty OTKs

All are brand new and unworn.

AP Wrapping Ribbon Sax/Pink:  $41.50 shipped
AP Wrapping Ribbon Lavender/Pink: $41.50 shipped
AP Marionette Girl Pink OTKs: $36 shipped
AP Trump White/Black/Red: $41.50 shipped
AP Trump White/Sax/Pink OTKs: $41.50 shipped
AP Honey Cake Red OTKs: $41.50 shipped (payment pending)
AP Ice Cream Yellow OTKs: $48 shipped
AP Ribbon Brown OTKs: $41.50 shipped

Item Two: Baby and Alice and the Pirates OTKs

All are brand new and unworn.

BTSSB Tea Pots and Cups Black/Pink OTKs: $40.50 shipped
BTSSB Black/Pink Ribbon OTKs: $40.50 shipped
BTSSB Vampire Forest Black/Red OTKS: $41.50 shipped
BTSSB Gloomy Bear High Socks: $35.10  shipped

Item Three: Moi Meme Moitie Cross Arch OTKs

Lace close up:

Brand new and unworn.  Original MMM lace.

MMM OTKs: $67 shipped


Item Four:  Used Brand Socks:

The following socks have all be worn at least once and show signs of wear.  Listed from left to right, then bottom.

AP Cream Soda Red OTKs;  Worn once.  Slight discoloration on the bottom of the socks
AP Dreamy Dolly House White OTKs: Worn 3-4 times.  Discoloration on the bottom of the socks, threads are lose around the candies on both socks.
AP Star Shower Yellow OTKs: Worn 2-3 times. Some discoloration on the bottom of the socks, some pilling of threads around some of the stars on both socks.
BTSSB Pony White OTKs: Worn twice.  Some discoloration on the bottoms of the socks, some pilling near the heel
IW Toe Shoes Beige/Navy OTKs: Worn once for a short period.  Shows very slight piling on the bottom of the socks.  These are in great condition still.
BTSSB Merry Sweets Castle High socks: Worn 4-5 times.  Discoloration on the bottom of the socks, pilling on bottom/around the heel.

AP Cream Soda Red OTKs;  $25.10 shipped
AP Dreamy Dolly House White OTKs: $25.10 shipped
AP Star Shower Yellow OTKs: $30.10 shipped
BTSSB Pony White OTKs: $25.10 shipped
IW Toe Shoes Beige/Navy OTKs: $33.10 shipped
BTSSB Merry Sweets Castle High socks: $20.10 shipped

Item Five: Angelic Pretty French Cafe Cuffs

Brand new and unworn. AP French Cafe Cuffs: $51 shipped

Item Six: Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate and Toy Fantasy Tulle Cuffs

Brand new and unworn.  Original AP bunny lace on the TF cuffs!

AP Melty Chocolate Cuffs: $52 shipped
AP Toy Fantasy Cuffs: $52 shipped (SOLD)


Item Seven: Alice and the Pirates Navy Tulle Cuffs

Brand new and unworn.  Kind of a rare color for cuffs despite all the navy print they release!

AatP Cuffs: $45 shipped

Item Eight: Tutu Anna Tights

TutuAnna is a Japanese store that sells legware, etc.  These tights are super cute and good for in and out of lolita, especially in the cooler months.  They are solid black, but have a pattern in them when stretched over you leg.  They are tights, not hose, so they are thicker than hose and harder to get runs in.  The patterns are simple and would match with many kinds of outfits.  I love mine and use them quite often.  The size is M-L, which the package says is appropriate for 150-165 cm height, 85-98cm hips.

Dot Tights: $15 shipped
Heart Tights: $15 shipped
Star Tights:sold

Item Nine: Angelic Pretty Bracelets (Trump Pony and Sweet Crown)

Trump Pony-

Sweet Crown:

Brand new and unworn.

Trump Pony:  It was released with the `Trump and Ponies` series, but is super cute and easy to work into lots of outfits (like Sugary Carnival!).  The card on the bracelet is printed on both sides, one with the pony as shown, and the other side with a 3 of hearts card.

Sweet Crown: released with the Choco Chess series, the brown was the first to sell out, and is no longer available in stores.  It was transferred to me by mistake, so hoping someone out that that missed out is still looking for it.

AP Pony Pink Bracelet: $53 shipped
AP Sweet Crown Bracelet: $53 shipped

Item Ten: Angelic Pretty Trump Rings

Brand new and unworn.   They are on adjustable bands and have AP inscribed into the rings.

Pink Diamond Ring: $28 shipped
Sax Club Ring: $28 shipped
(Black and red rings are already sold)

Item Eleven: Angelic Pretty Card Ring

Brand new and unworn.

AP Card Ring: $31.50 shipped

Item Twelve:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bear Necklace

Worn once, like new.  Usakumya (with the B stamped on the foot!) in a rocking chair. 

BTSSB Bear Necklace: $41 shipped

Item Thirteen:  Alice and the Pirates Earrings

Brand new and unworn. These are post earrings, meant for pierced ears.  I am sorry, I do not know the content, as the label didn't say.

AatP Earrings: $32.50 shipped

Item Fourteen: Alice and the Pirates Skull Ring

Brand new in the original box with the info card.  Cool ring with piratey skull inlay in the middle.  It is made of sliver (it is marked 925).  Sizes listed below are Japanese. 

AatP Skull Ring (size 13): $38 shipped
AatP Skull Ring (size 15): $38 shipped

Item Fifteen: Black Peace Now Stud Ring Cuff

This item is used and shows some signs of wear. It is a leather cuff from BPN with studs and a large ring. The ring has hit some of the studs during wear and rubbed the paint off some of the tips, but it lends the distressed look (paint rubbing) .  On the back side, there is some rust on the grommets.

BPN Stud Ring Cuff: $25.50 shipped


Item Sixteen: Black Peace Now Chain Cuff

This item is used and show some wear.  Mainly, rust on the grommets on the back of the cuff.

BPN Chain Cuff:  $30  shipped

Item Seventeen:  Alice and the Pirates Queen's Coach Necklace

Brand new and unworn.  Was originally over 9000 yen! Not a necklace for the faint of heart, it is quite weighty.

AatP Coach Necklace: $70 shipped (not invoiced EMS!)

Item Eighteen: Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate Headbow

Brand new and unworn. It was purchased during the second release, but I never  ended up wearing it.  This is an extremely hard to find item.

AP Melty Chocolate Headbow: $63 shipped (sold via email)

Item Nineteen:  Alice and the Pirate Vampire Forest Headbow

Brand new and unworn.  The black rose is removable, so you can pin it elsewhere if you wish.  Matching JSK is also for sale in this post.

AatP Vampire Forest Headbow: $50 shipped (not invoiced EMS)

Item 20 Swimmer Deer Items:



Brand new and unworn.  Cute deer fur (fake of course) beret, always popular for fall/winter!

Swimmer Deer Beret: $40 shipped
Swimmer Deer Collar: $40 shipped


Item 21: Angelic Pretty Crown Beret

This has been worn a couple of times, I believe twice, and it is in excellent condition.  Ribbon is removable and on a pin so you can stick it anywhere that suits your outfit.

AP Crown Beret: $70.50 shipped

Item 22: Emily Temple Cute Flower Beret

This item was bought second hand, but I can find no flaws.  It has three cloth flowers on it.  Very classy hat!

ETC Beret: $45 shipped

Item 23:  H. Naoto Sixh D-ring Hat

Used about two times, so it is in great condition.  Pin stripe, d-rings, buttons, and a Sixh guitar pick charm make this a super swanky hat.  It was bought directly from Heaven (former flagship store) in Tokyo.  My husband, who bought it and follows the brand closely, has never seen it for sale anywhere else, and believes it may be a one off item (one of a kind).  This is the Sixh label on the inside of the brim. Sixh Hat: $87 shipped (note, must be shipped in a box,  higher shipping rate is already included)

Item 24: Angelic Pretty Barrette

Brand new and unworn.  It is wired so that you can shaped the bow.

AP Stripe Barrette: $25 shipped


Item 25:  Alice the Pirates Bow

Brand new and unworn.  The bow attaches around the collar with an adjustable strap.  Bow is wired and able to be shaped.  Due the construction it appears the bow could be slipped on a headband.

AatP Neck Bow: $30 shipped

Item 26: Bow Belt

Has been worn only a few times, but it's in great condition.  It's by a brand called RoseBullet.  It is gray and has five size settings.  The largest is about 80 cm, the smallest is around 69 cm.  Great for defining the waist of skirts/JSKs/Ops.
RoseBullet Belt: $25 shipped

Item 27: Swimmer Pony Mini Trunk

Brand new and unused.  It is 16.5x16.5x9.5cm (high at top of arch).  You can see the inside here.  This item must be shipped in a box.

Swimmer Trunk:  $28 shipped

Item 28:  Baby Folding Wallet

I bought this maybe two years ago, but have only used it twice.  Lots of slots inside for cards, as well as a place for change and bills.  It is in pretty good shape (no rips, tears, or big scuffs), but the glue they used has yellowed in some places.  Otherwise is in great condition.

Baby Wallet: $40 shipped

Item 29:  Angelic Pretty Toy Fantasy Pouch

Brand new and unused.  It's 11.5x8.5x4.5cm.  Good for stuff like cameras, phones.  Can be hung from the handle of another bag for quick access to small things stored inside.

AP Toy Fantasy Pouch: $45 shipped

Item 30: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Large Tote

Brand new and unused.  This is a very large (50cm x 20cm x 33cm) tote, perfect for school, hauling lolita things to and from meets, groceries, etc. It is very roomy, and is by far the biggest tote I have ever seen from a brand.  Features BTSSB logo in the center.

BTSSB Large Tote: $32.50 shipped


Item 31: Angelic Pretty Mini Totes

Holy Night Story Red:

Holy Night Story Green:

Fantastic Dolly Red:

Brand new and unused.  Good if you need to do repairs, small crafts, and of course you can use it as a bag!

AP HNS Mini Tote Red: $20.50 shipped
AP HNS Mini Tote Green: $20.50 shipped

AP FD Mini Tote Red: $18 shipped

Item 32:  Alice and the Pirates Alice Themed Bag

This item has been used a few times.  I cannot find any flaws, but it has had a faint rectangular outline since I got it.  I am not sure if this is from something that used to be there or if it is from the way it was stored in shipping.. but it very hard to see and doesn't really affect the bag.  The bag is lined.  The motif is Alice, Mad Hatter, and White Rabbit.  It is 43x37x10cm.

AatP Alice Bag: $55 shipped

Item 33:  Angelic Pretty Twinkle Star Bag

This is brand new and unused.  I bought it during the release and never ended up using it.  It was a very popular bag and is hard to find in this color.

AP Star Bag:  $175 shipped

Item 34: Angelic Pretty Pony and Castle Tote

Brand new and unused.  It is a sturdy tote made of very thick canvas.  The print is very beautiful and detailed.  28cmx31cmx10cm

AP Pony Tote: $55 shipped


Item 35:   Swimmer Rabbit Purses

These are brand new and unused. They re-released this popular bag this year!  I put these up last year and they went right away, so I thought I would list them again since so many people missed out on them (unfortunately the exchange rate is worse this year..).   Very cute and roomy bag! (approx 57x 38 cm)

Swimmer Black Bunny Bag: $51 shipped
Swimmer White Bunny Bag: $51 shipped (SOLD)

Item 36: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Baby Doll Blouse

This item is used.  It has been worn maybe 2 times, but is in great condition.  I can find no flaws. The color is ivory/kinari.  Sleeves are removable.

Bust; 88-112 cm
Waist: free

BTSSB Baby Doll Blouse: $80 shipped

Item 37:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pink Blouse

This item is used.  It has been worn around 3 times, but is in great condition.  The color is pink.

Bust 108cm
Waist 76-100 cm

BTSSB Pink Blouse: $75 shipped

Item 38:  Angelic Pretty Shirring Ivory Blouse

This item has been worn once and is in great condition.  The sleeves are removable.  The color is ivory.

Bust 84-98 cm
Waist 80-100 cm

AP Ivory Shirring Blouse: $90 shipped

Item 39: Angelic Pretty Crest Blouse

Brand new and unworn.  Comes with detachable waist ties.  Perfect to wear under a JSK or with a skirt.

Measurements: Bust: 92 cm Waist: 78 cm

AP Crest Blouse:  $117 (non US) shipped

Item 40:  Angelic Pretty White Shirring Blouse

This item is used.  It has been worn about 2 times, but is in good condition.  The sleeves are removable.  The color is white.

Bust 78-100cm
Waist 70-100 cm

AP White Shirring Blouse: $85 shipped

Item 41: Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly Blouse

This item is brand new and unworn.  Has the original AP lace made for the Jewelry Jelly series.

Bust: 82 cm
Waist: 78 cm

AP JJ Blouse: $120 shipped

Item 42:  Alice and the Pirates Ruffle High Collar Blouse

This blouse has been worn, and shows some signs of wear, mainly three stains on the inside of one of the cuffs (so not noticeable when worn).  You can see the stains here.   This blouse is FULL of ruffles, and the edges are all intentionally frayed.

Measurements: Bust: about 90 cm

AatP Ruffle Blouse: $97 shipped

Item 43:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright "Pixie" Cardigan

This item is used. It has been worn 1-2 times.  It is in excellent condition.  The buttons are SO CUTE.  I am not sure the real name of this cardigan, so it might be called something else in actuality.

Bust: 94-106 cm

BTSSB Pixie Cardi: $75 shipped

Item 44: Angelic Pretty Mint Chiffon Ruffle Cardigan

This is brand new and unworn.  It was purchased in store accidentally as a shopping service item.  Has cute chiffon ruffles and little pearls.  The two bows on the chest are removable so you can place them wherever you like.

Bust: around 88 cm, material has stretch

AP Mint Cardigan:$130 shipped

Item 45: Emily Temple Cute Ruffle Cutsew

This item was purchased second hand, but seems to have very little wear that I can see, and I never ended up using it myself.  The fabric has sparkles in it, and the ruffles are pink, yellow, and lavender.  The shirt is lavender too, although the photo makes it look a bit gray.

Bust; 80-100 cm

ETC Cutsew: $40 shipped

Item 46: Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie Cami

Brand new and unworn.  The material has some stretch so the bust measurement can go larger.

Measurements: Bust: ~80 cm

AP Wonder Cookie Cami: $40.50 shipped

Item 47: Angelic Pretty Honey Cake Cutsew

This was purchased right after the release of Honey Cake. I only wore it once, so it shows no signs of wear.


AP Honey Cake Cutsew: $53 shipped

Item 48: Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny Cutsew

This item is used.  It has been worn a few times but is in great condition.

Bust:80-106 cm

AP Lyrical Bunny Cutsew: $53 shipped

Item 49: Angelic Pretty Ribbons Cutsew

This item is used.  It shows slight pilling near one of the arms, but is otherwise in great condition.

Bust; 88-108 cm
AP Ribbons Cutsew: $50 shipped


Item 50:  Angelic Pretty Strawberry Cutsew

This item has been worn once and is in great condition.

Bust; 76-98cm

AP Strawberry Cutsew: $53 shipped

Item 51:
Milk Cutsew/Top

This item has been worn lightly, but I can find no signs of wear.  Is a very cute top with an interesting cut.  Here is a close up of the MILK button. Not sure where the measurements really fall on this, so note the measurements below.

Length of straps: 36cm
Length from bottom of "arm hole to arm hole" 2x: 80cm
Length from side to side a "belt holes" 2x: 86cm

Milk Top: $45 shipped


Item 52: Black Peace Now for Men Spider Shirt

Worn twice, but no signs of wear.   Material is stretchy

Measurements: Chest: 92 cm

BPN Spider Shirt: $32 shipped


Item 53:  H. Naoto Anarchy Collared Punk Top

Worn several times and shows signs of wear like slight pilling under the arms and some slight yellowing.  The yellowing is all on the inside, around the collar and on the inside along the buttons, all unnoticeable when worn.

Measurements: Chest: ~92 cm

H. Naoto Skull Shirt: $25 shipped


Item 54: Super Lovers Lover's House Cutsew

This item is used.  It has a small white discoloration on the inside of the shirt, so it is not noticeable at all when worn.  The print is still very nice though, and features the Ken and Merry panda characters.  Here is the back view.(yay for funny English haha).

Bust; 82-98cm

Super Lover's Cutsew: $15 shipped

Item 55: Alice and the Pirates Striped Custew

Brand new and unworn.  Has an AatP Logo patch and thumb holes in the sleeves.

Bust: 92 cm (fabric has some stretch)

AatP Stripe Custew: $60 shipped

Item 56:  Atelier Pierrot V-Neck Cutsew

Brand new and unworn.

Bust 80-100cm

Atelier Pierrot Cutsew: $38 shipped

Item 57:   Black Peace Now Halter Vest


This item has been used, but is in good condition.  One of the lacing ribbons shows a little bit of fraying at one end.  Not really sure how to measure this item since the back is pretty much fully adjustable.  If you want some specific measurement somewhere, please let me know.  As it in in the picture, which is laced quite small, across the back it is 37cm flat.

BPN Halter Vest: $70 shipped

Item 58:  Angelic Pretty Wine Princess One Piece

This item is lightly worn and shows some signs of wear.  It was released about 2 years ago (I am not sure of it's real name).  It is a very detailed and gorgeous dress.  It has lots of lace, a chiffon overlay that can be adjusted with ribbons, flared princess sleeves, and pearl details.  It closes with a hidden zipper down the back.  The back view can be seen here.  There is one bow on one of the sleeves that has come off on one side, an easy fix.  The neck ties also show some white discoloration which is not noticeable when worn.

Bust: 88 cm
Waist: 73 cm

AP Wine OP: $255 shipped

Item 59: Alice and the Pirates Vampire Forest JSK

This item is like new.  I wore it once, and it has no flaws at all. Very detailed a beautiful print, the red roses really pop on the black colorway!

Bust: 85-100 cm
Waist: 76-93 cm

AatP Vampire Forest JSK: $250 shipped

Item 60:
Angelic Pretty Chiffon Strawberry JSK

This is brand new and unworn.  I have the dress in black and LOVE it.  It is so comfortable to wear, and very fluffy on it's own even with out a petti, so good for hot days or days when you don't want too many layers.

Bust: (back shirred) 85cm-about 100 cm

AP Chiffon Strawberry JSK: $275 shipped

Item 61:  Angelic Pretty Cape Coat

This item is brand new and unworn. I tried it on, but have not actually worn it out.  It is a super cute coat.  It has an overall dot pattern and nice buttons with a cute heart cutouts.  It comes with a matching removable cape that can be worn on it's own.  Fully lined, and very warm.  Also very heavy to ship  (please remember that shipping is already included in the price). Back view and the view without the cape.

Bust: about 98/100cm
Waist: about 80cm

AP Coat: $275 shipped

Item 62:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright Karami Skirt

This item is used but is in excellent condition.  I love this skirt, but find I don't wear pink so much anymore.  The length is great for those that prefer slightly longer skirts.  The waist is fully elastic, and very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.  Lined with a small built in petti layer.  I hope you'll give this skirt a nice new home! (note: I took this photo with my iphone, which seems to have made it a bit purple, but it is pink for sure!)

Waist: 58-97 cm
Length: 57 cm

BTSBB Karami Skirt: $90 shipped

Item 63: Black Peace Now Pleated Skirt

Brand new and unworn.  Two layer pleated skirt from BPN.  Chains at waist are detachable or you can hook/add your own decorations to the loops.  Skirt is fairly heavy due to a thicker material.
Waist:  ~68 cm
Length: 48cm
Black Peace Now Skirt: $60 shipped

Item 64: Black Peace Now Belt Pants

Brand new and unworn.

Waist: 77cm
Inseam: 82 cm

BPN Belt Pants: $85 shipped

Item 65: Black Peace Now Flare Skirt

This item is brand new and unworn.  It is has a lot of volume by itself.  The waist as no shirring so the measurement listed below is the max.

Waist: 68 cm
Length: 47cm

BPN Flare Skirt: $65 shipped

Item 66:  Black Peace Now Short Pants


These are lightly worn.  I can only find one, flaw, and that is some pilling in a small spot on the inside of the waist band, totally unseen when worn.

Waist: 74 cm
Inseam: 48cm

BPN Short Pants: $65 shipped


Item 67:  Alice and the Pirates Wide Leg Pants

Brand new and unworn.  Great for lots of different styles.  Color is gray.

Waist 70 cm
Inseam: 73 cm

AatP Wide Pants: $100 shipped

Item 68: Swimmer Rainbow Sneakers

These are brand new and unworn.  They were released earlier this year and were extremely popular.  Unfortunately, I cannot get anymore, these are my last two pair and they are sold out now.  They are a bit heavy to ship.  Cute for in and out of lolita!

Swimmer Rainbow Sneakers M size (approx. 23-24cm):  $70 shipped
Swimmer Rainbow Sneakers :L size (approx. 24-25cm): $70 shipped


Item 69:
Swimmer Bear Headphones

Brand new and unused.  Swimmer's super popular over the ear headphones.  Cute bear motif with yellow and pink band.  Must be shipped in a box.

Swimmer Bear Headphones: $45 shipped

Item 70: Swimmer Heart Headphones

Brand new and unused.  Swimmer's super popular over the ear headphones.  Cute heart motif with pink and blue band.  Must be shipped in a box.

Swimmer Heart Headphones: $45 shipped

Item 71: Swimmer Plaid Headphones

Brand new and unused.  Swimmer's super popular over the ear headphones.  Colorful plaid motif with blue and pink band.  Must be shipped in a box.

Swimmer Plaid Headphones: $45 shipped

Item 72: Swimmer Candy Headphones

Brand new and unused.  Swimmer's super popular over the ear headphones.  Cute candies motif with purple and pink band.  Must be shipped in a box.

Swimmer Candies Headphones: $45 shipped

Item 73:  Swimmer Chocolate Headphones

Brand new and unused.  A slightly different style than their previous over ear headphones, but same idea.  Melting chocolate motif with a gold and brown band.  Must be shipped in a box.

Swimmer Chocolate Headphones: $45 shipped

Item 74: Swimmer Pony Ear Buds

Brand new and unworn.  Super cute pony ear bud headphones with shooting star clip.

Swimmer Pony Ear Buds: $27 shipped

Item 75:  Swimmer Heart Bead Ear Buds

Brand new and unused.  Colorful heart bead ear bud headphones.

Swimmer Heart Bead Ear Buds: $27 shipped

Item 76:  Swimmer Earbud Clips

These are brand new and unused.  The package says they are specifically for Iphone/Ipod ear buds, but I imagine any with that shape would be fine. Here is a photo of the back and of the package, showing how they attach.  Cute way to dress up your plain earphones.

Swimmer Earbud Clips: $7 shipped

Item 77:  Swimmer Gift Bags (Large)


Ribbons and Berries:

Brand new and used.  Good for lolita meet ups if you have goodie bags or game prizes.  Six bags per pack.  Comes with ties.  Size approx  20x28cm.

Macaron Bags L: $10 shipped
Ribbon Bags L: $10 shipped
Berry Bags L: $10 shipped


Item 78: Swimmer Gift Bags (Medium)

Bear and Carriage

Rabbits, Chocolates, Cake:

Brand new and unused.  Good for lolita meet ups if you have goodie bags or game prizes.  Eight bags per pack.  Ties included. Size: 12x28.5cm

Bear Bags M:  $9.50 shipped
Carriage Bags M: $9.50 shipped
Rabbits Bags M: $9.50 shipped
Chocolates Bags M: $9.50 shipped
Cake Bags M: $9.50 shipped

 Item 79: Swimmer Gift Bags (Small)

Ponies, Sweets, Animals, Present Bear

Brand new and unused.  Good for lolita meet ups if you have goodie bags or game prizes.  Ten bags per pack. 9X 15 cm.

Ponies Bags S: $9 shipped
Sweets Bags S: $9 shipped
Animals Bags S: $9 shipped
Present Bear Bags S: $9 shipped

Item 80: Swimmer Pony Pass Case/Card Holder

Brand new and unused.  Good for carrying a couple cards (like if you just need ID and a credit card) or a public transport pass that you need quick access to.  Comes on springy chain with clip hook.  Would look cute just clipped to a bag/your purse, too!

Swimmer Pony Case:  $15.00 shipped

Item 81: Swimmer Rose Mirrors

flickr error- reload photo

These are brand new and unused.  They have two mirrors inside, one regular and one that is "close up."  Very cute for your purse!  They look like something Sailor Moon would use!

Pink Rose Mirror: $7.30 shipped
(white is sold)

Item 82:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright Strawberry Fan

This is brand new and unused.  It was a novelty item, and was only available through a purchase over a certain amount.

BTSSB Fan: $25 shipped

Item 83:   Sex Pot Clip Pouch

This is brand new and unused.  It clips to your belt loops or bag with clips on each side.  Single zipper pouch.

Sex Pot Pouch: $15.50 shipped

Item 84:  Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story Pony Plush
(newly re-listed)

This is brand new and undisplayed.  It was a novelty item for the release of Holy Night Story last December.  It was only available with a purchase over a certain amount (I believe 25,000 yen).  It matches the pony on the print exactly.  It is very cute and now hard to find.

AP HNS Pony Plush: $60 shipped

Item 85: Assorted Postcards 

All brand new and unused.  The Imai Kira ones have a pretty sparkly finish.  Gadget Grow (BPN) postcards feature their model Ryutaro of Plastic Tree.  The Swimmer ones are in a set of 12, I will not break the set.  These will be shipped by airmail letter post.  Listed from top left to bottom right.

AP French Cafe Postcard: $8.30 shipped
AP Chess Chocolate Postcard: $10 shipped
BTSSB Usakumya Postcard: $5 shipped
Victorian Maiden Postcard: $8.30 shipped
AP Wonder Cookie Girl Postcard: $8.30 shipped
AP Sugary Carnival Postcard: $10 shipped
AP Fantastic Dolly Postcard: $10 shipped
AP Wonder Cookie Logo Postcard: $8.30 shipped
Imai Kira Moon Girl Postcard: $10 shipped
Imai Kira Canopy Girl Postcard: $10 shipped
Imai Kira Carousel Riders Postcard: $10 shipped

Gadget Grow (BPN) Frame Postcard: $5 shipped
Gadget Grow (BPN) Standing Right Postcard: $5 shipped
Gadget Grow (BPN) White Cardi Postcard: $5 shipped
Gadget Grow (BPN) Checked Top Postcard: $5 shipped
Swimmer Postcard Set (12): $10.70 shipped (SOLD)

Item 86: Swimmer Make Up Brushes

Cat Motif:

Berries Motif:

Brand new and unused.  Very cute make up brushes perfect for a lolita's dresser.  Two styles available.

Swimmer Brush Set (Cat): $15 shipped
Swimmer Brush Set (Berry): $15 shipped


Item 87:  Alice and the Pirates Nail Care Kit

This is brand new and unused.  It includes several nail care tools in a case with the AatP logo on the outside that snaps close.

AatP Nail Kit: $24 shipped

Item 88: Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Parasol/Umbrella

Storage Pouch:

This is brand new and unused.  It is good for rain or shine.  It comes with a pouch for storing/carry it (helps keep the water off your clothes or purse when you have folded it!).

AP Polka Dot Parasol: $65 shipped

Item 89: BTSSB/AatP Catalogs

They haven't been flipped through or displayed.

Spring/Summer 2010 (left): $10.70 shipped
Spring 2011 (right):  $10.70 shipped

Item 90: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Midori Poster

This is brand new and undisplayed. I still need to get a box to ship this in so shipping might take some time, as I assume you wouldn't want it folded.

Midori Poster: $20 shipped

Item 91: Angelic Pretty Fall Folder Set

Brand new and unused.  These were a novelty item and they feature some of AP's fall designs.  Standard A4 size transparent folders. Set of three.  I will not split the set.

AP Folders: $28 shipped

Item 92:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright Usakumya Slippers

These are brand new and unworn.  They were a novelty very recently for spending over something like 25000 yen.  They are very soft.  No size listed on them sorry, I assume they are just a standard slipper size (for Japan).

Usakumya Slippers:  $35 shipped

Item 93:  Angelic Pretty Tea Party Shoes in White

These have been worn once, and are in great condition.  I have looked very closely to find any marks I could spot.  Please see the photos.  All these marks are light and do not really affect the appearance of the shoes.  Please note, these are authentic AP Tea Party shoes, not replicas.  The size is L (24.5cm ).

Dent on toe of left shoe.
Bottoms of shoes.
Small indentations, below those, a very faint blue mark (hard to see in the photo), and a bit of discoloration on two of the scallops.

Angelic Pretty Tea Parties L: $130 shipped

Item 94: Swimmer House Wall Clock

Brand new and undisplayed.  The clock runs on two AA batteries.  Yes, I know not clocks aren't lolita (unless you were doing Flavor Flav Lolita??) , but I think it would be cute in the room of a sweet lolita!  I am trying to find a home for it after a shopping service fell through.  I am hoping because I have so many clearly lolita items in my post that it offsets this not so lolita item, but mods please let me know if I should take it down and I will do so right away!

This item must be shipped in a box.

Swimmer Clock: $40 shipped


Item 95:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright Candies Socks

These are brand new and unworn.  Very popular item this season.  Nice tulle lace on the top.

BTSSB Candies Socks: $46 shipped

Item 96:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright Usakumya Pouchette

Brand new and unused. This is an adorable bag in the shape of Baby's character Usakumya.  The bag is able to be worn across the chess with the strap.  The hood comes off to reveal the bear under the bunny hood.

BTSSB Usakumya Pouchette: $143 shipped

If I have mis numbered something, left a measurement off, or made some other mistake, please tell me!  This post is my biggest ever and it's very possible I missed something haha.
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, black peace now, h.naoto, innocent world, moi-meme-moitie, sex pot revenge, swimmer
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