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DS! Closet Cleaning: Meta, Baby, Bodyline, MAM, ITS. Dresses, Skirts, Blouses!

  • My Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/718296.html

  • For more pictures of most of these items, please click here:

  • Please note that "OBO" does not mean that I am hoping to auction the items - it means that if you don't like the price, you may make me an offer at LOWER than the listed price!

  • Shipping: Due to work, school, and health issues, it can take me up to two weeks to send out a package. However, if you are in a hurry I will do my best to rush the process, and in either case I will keep in contact with you every step of the way. ^_^ Shipping is not included in the prices unless marked as such.

  • Payment: I only accept Paypal, in all forms. Paypal fees are rolled into shipping prices.

  • All items are from a non-smoking, cat-owning home. Please alert me if you are deathly allergic and I will be extra careful when sending out your items.

  • Trades: I prefer to sell at this time, but I'm happy to look at your items just in case. ^_^ The worst I can say is no!

  • Holds/Payment Plans: I am always willing to work with reasonable requests. I will hold an item for 24 hours for you, and payment plans with nonrefundable down payments are fine! Again, the worst I can say is no!

  • All measurements are amateur, and many of them are based on my own measurements (B:44", W:37"). Please ask if you are not sure an item will fit!

    <td> New Items: </td>

    Two fur collars, offbrand. They are faux fur, but are really surprisingly soft! I have one black and one grey.


    Angelic Pretty Milky-Chan Earmuffs - PENDING

    Bought these, and have never worn them.


    Metamorphose Maxi Dress, altered. I altered the straps to this dress (pictured in photobucket) using the waist ties. I have worn it once or twice since, it is very comfy, but it's just not the right shape on me.


    Bodyline Chiffon JSK - yellow. - PENDING

    You can't see well from the picture, but it has a faint gingham pattern to it. This is very nice and summery, but it's absolutely tiny. I don't know what I was thinking. XD

    Bodyline Size M


    Bodyline Faon Cutsew. I purchased this shirt from a smoker, but the odor has since dissipated. However, it may still linger to people with sensitive noses. The lace around the collar is very scratchy, which the seller failed to mention (the main reason I am selling).

    Max Bust: 35"

    $15 OBO

    R-Series Corduroy embroidery skirt. I loved this skirt, and ordered a custom size from the website...the skirt they sent me was tiny! This has never even been tried on.

    Max Waist: 26"


    Dear Celine white chiffon bolero. This is a lovely bolero, very soft and fairly opaque (for chiffon). Unfortunately I just swim in it. I don't recommend this to anyone under a size 18, as it is very big!

    MINIMUM Bust: 45"
    MINIMUM Waist: 35"


    Bodyline Cake JSK - PENDING
    Max Bust: 45"
    Max Waist: 37"


    TRIPP NYC Coat. It's black, very soft and warm. I bought it and only had to try it on before I realised it would be too tight on me (mostly in the shoulders). I would recommend this for girls 40" bust or smaller, though the waist is pretty forgiving. The bottom flares out to accomodate a skirt.


    BtSSB Valentine's Lucky Pack dress in white. I LOVE this dress so very, very much. It's got a lovely gauzy overfabric that's got decals of crowns and chandeliers all over it, and it's glittery! I am the first owner, and I have worn it 2-4 times, with care. However, there are some slight makeup stains on the bow (I enhanced the colours of the photo because otherwise it was too hard to tell) which I have not tried to remove. They likely would come up easily if washed.

    The dress is not pictured with waist ties, but it will come with them.

    Max Bust: 45" (could possibly stretch more, but I don't know that I would recommend it)
    Max Waist: 37"


    Bodyline Carousel JSK in Sax (2L). I got this in a trade, and while I adore the style (and it's actually a good length for me!), I just never wear blue anymore.

    Max Bust: 44" (I recommend smaller)
    Max Waist: 37" (again - recommend smaller)

    $60 OBO

    In The Starlight Ice Cream JSK in Pink. I bought this used, and have worn it once. It's still in excellent condition, and comes with the matching headbow.

    Max Bust: 46"
    Max Waist: nearly 40"
    (note: Unlike my other dresses, this dress is meant for a plus-sized person and likely will not fit smaller girls. I also don't recommend it for people taller than 5'4", as the skirt is a little short)


    Metamorphose Strawberry Skirt. Has little details of strawberries and blueberries and cherries. It does not have the pink ruffles pictured in the stock photo - it came without them. It also does not come with the pictured waist- and hem-bows because it is a slightly different style than the stock photo.

    Length: 19"-20" (approx)
    Max Waist: Could fit up to 40" (I added more elastic to the waist - invisible alteration), but I definitely recommend 37" or less.


    Metamorphose Swan Chandelier Skirt in pink.
    I love this skirt - check out the photobucket link for a closeup of the swan-patterned lace and the sparkly pattern! Comes with belt (not pictured).

    $70 OR partial trade for the empire-waisted JSK (pref green)

    MAM Maxicimam Pink Card Suit Skirt
    I literally JUST purchased this from the comm_sales (the photo shown is previous seller's - my proof photos are in the above linked photobucket). It's gorgeous and thick, with card-suit patterned lace, but I just don't love it.

    Length: 19"-20"
    Max Waist: 37"

    $70 (includes shipping within USA)

    Bodyline Fairy From Forest print skirt in pink. - PENDING

    Comes with detachable bow. One of the best-quality BL pieces I've ever seen - but it's just too small for me. It is half-shirred at the waist, and part of the shirring has been relaxed.

    Max Waist: 29"

    $20 OBO

    Fan+Friend Princess Blouse in white, altered. I bought this blouse custom for my measurements - when it arrived, the sleeves were MONSTROUS. I cut them short and finished them with the lace that had been elsewhere on the cuffs, and added some tasteful white-and-pink ribbon to both sleeves and the collar. Unfortunately the sleeves are unfinished, and the no-fray liquid I used to seal the lace went brown (this is pictured in the photobucket). Easily fixed by simply finishing those seams, if you'd like I'll do it for you at no extra cost.

    Max Bust: 44"
    Max Waist: 37"

    $30 OBO

    BtSSB Sweet Check OP. - PENDING

    I love this dress, it was my very first brand item. The collar has super-cute (non-detachable) bows and cluny lace, and it has neck ties as well. Be advised that the laces on the sleeve cuffs are loose, they simply need to be rethreaded through the lace. This is one of the rare full-shirring dresses that doesn't make me look like a sausage, because the shirring is all at the waist and not over the bust!

    Max Bust: 47" - possibly more, but I am not positive
    Max Waist: 40" - ditto


    Older Items:

    Costuming-Quality Corset. Bought from the Bristol Renaissance Faire, worn twice. Fastens with industrial-strength hooks at the front, laces at the back.

    Fits roughly sizes 14-18.

    $190 OBO

    Metamorphose Blouse in white. True white, not off-white or cream. The lace is raschel, but true to Meta's quality. It's very soft and silky, and doesn't look shiny even with flash (see photobucket for details). It comes with waist ties and is shirred in the back. The only reason I'm selling this is that it gaps a bit on me. :(

    Max Bust: 43"
    Max Waist: 35"


    Megan Maude Nautical Print Skirt. Has pockets! Comes with pictured bow.

    Max Waist: 26"

    $35 OBO

    BtSSB Duffel Bag. Came with my Lucky Pack, but I have nothing to use it for!

    $20 OBO

    Princutess Chandelier OP in Mint. I installed gussets under either arm to help it to fit my bust - it looks perfect, but unfortunately the zipper broke the first time I went to try it on (zipper is, sadly, pretty cheap). I have been too busy to fix it (though I did begin ripping the nearby seam for it), so the price of the dress reflects this. All flaws are pictured in the photobucket album.

    Bust: 46"
    Waist: 38"

    $60 OBO

    Fan+Friend Princess-Backed Dress in Brown. This dress is really one of the best things I've seen F+F make. It's full, heavy, soft, with good cluny lace and thick smooth cotton. The jewelry on the front is my own addition and is removable (it is held on by the two detachable bows).

    Bust: 42" - 50", could almost certainly go larger!
    Waist: 35" - 45", the shirring on this dress is immensely forgiving. Can also go smaller with waist ties.


  • Please be advised that I am going to bed now (1am CST time). I will respond to all comments in the morning (in approx 10 hours)! Please be patient.

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