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!DS : Moi-même-moitie shirring JSK (plus size friendly ^^)

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Hi everyone

This is a SALE.
I am not accepting trades for now, I need money ;__; . Thank you.

- I accept paypal payment in canadian dollars please. (Acces D Desjardins for Quebec and Ontario people having Desjardins accounts too) Cash for people in Montreal is possible too. Please do not send payment as gift. (paypal fee is included in the price)
- I WILL consider payment plans, but consider that I would ask for a deposit of 75$ please.
- If someone can pay right away the full amount, they will get priority.
- Please leave your paypal if you want to  "reserve" the item to you.
- I reserve the right to not sell to someone having neutral or negative feedback.
- I will mark down the package, but to a reasonable amount. (I will not mark this dress as like, 20$.) I WILL mark it as a gift if possible.
- Once payment received, I will try to send the package in a two days delay (unless week-end). I go to school and have part time job so I will do my best to ensure fast shipping to you)

this little angel is my proof for owning item ~~

Any question, feel free, I try to answer as fast as possible. I am in eastern Canada time (considering I sleep at night lol)


Item : Moi-même-moitié shirring beige/black lace JSK

I bought this item something like 4 years ago new from CDJapan, and it cost me 480$ back in the time. Mana wore the blue version in a GLB.
I would like to sell it for 385$. It has been worn and hand washed. The lace is very soft and not "itchy" at all, and the flower detail is very nice. It is very light dress, you almost can't feel its weight.

Since it is shirring dress, it would probably fit up to 105cm bust, but I would not recommend more. I personally thinks it is a bit short on me, I am 5'5 (165cm) and chubby a bit so consider this if you want to buy but are taller. The dress is over my knee at 5'5.

NOTE : The ribbon at the waist frays a little bit at the extremity, but that can easily be arranged ~

Canada post is very expensive ;__; I am very sorry. I ask approximately the cost of the shipping as I try to find the best approximation on Canada post website. If I asked too much, I refund as fast as possible, maximum the next day if possible.

**** ALL shipping methods written here works this way *** : includes 100$ insurance. 1.30$ more for each additional 100$ covered

Shipping to Canada :
Xpress post (2 days guaranteed): 24.00$ 
Normal package (5 days ~):  15.00$

Shipping to USA :
Xpress post (2 days) : 33.00$
"Fast package" :(4-5 days) : 21.00$
Small package (1 week~ish) : 8.50$ (insurance ONLY covered up to 100$.)

Shipping international :
Xpresspost (3 days) : 68.00$ (... wth Canada post ?!?!?!) (I will make a deal for this one of trying to charge 50$ and if it is luckily less I will refund the buyer, if it is really 68$ I will invoice a second left-over amount. I have the hope that it is not really this expensive and that I can find a better way/cheaper way to send once at the post office. Sorry for this ;_; )  
Small package (by plane) : 10.00$ (insurance ONLY covered up to 100$)

So, voilà ~ I hope my dress finds a nice home <3

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