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DS: Meta Clear-out! 4x Swan Lake, 2x Perfume Bottle, Popping Balloon and more!

I'm purging my closet bit by bit and selling off even some of my favourites.  I simply don't wear loli often enough to justify everything I own, so I'm aiming to clear it out as much as I can over the next month.  First up, my precious Meta collection. 

Paypal only please.

I'm willing to trade for items on my wishlist and dresses/skirts from Juliette et Justine, Mary Magdalene and Victorian Maiden.  I'M NOT INTERESTED IN TRADING FOR ANYTHING ELSE (if you try offering a trade for anything else, I will ignore and screen your comment).  If you want to offer a partial trade, please let me know the item+$ amount (either to me or from me depending on the item).  I would prefer trading within Canada and USA since shipping to elsewhere is usually too expensive and too slow.  Also, please link me to your EGL feedback if you'd like to trade.  I will only ship at the same time if you have 50+ positive feedbacks with no neutral and no negatives, or I have bought from you in the past (aka, have good reason to trust you), otherwise I require you to send your end of the trade first as payment (like you would send payment via paypal before the seller ships out).  Both sides of the trade need to be shipped with a tracking number (for everyone's safety).

I have a cat.  She isn't allowed into my walk in closet where I keep my loli clothes, but keep this in mind if you have severe cat allergies.

Payment is accepted in either Canadian$ OR US$ (at par).  Please let me know if which currency you'd like to be invoiced in or I will default on US$ for American buyers and CDN$ for everyone else.

Preference will be given to buyers from US and Canada due to long international shipping times.

Shipping is included for Canadian and American buyers (with insurance and tracking).  International buyers, please comment with your country for a quote.  Be warned, that shipping can get expensive (and even more so if you want a tracking number).

Feedback (and lots of it):

No holds.  First to invoice gets first dibs.

Metamorphose Swan Lake black one-piece  $400 (shipped to Canada/USA)  SOLD
Condition:  Brand new with tag.  Tried on the OP once.  Removable sleeves and collar.  3 fabric bows are removable (with brooch backs).  Built in petticoat.  This was my holy grail for the longest time, but I've had it in hand for 2 years and it's just sat in my closet while I've worn my other Swan Lake prints.  This is the most popular colourway and the OP is almost impossible to find now.  I've NEVER seen another black OP for sale.  It's a very versatile piece.  You can transition right from summer to winter without having to add anything to it.
Bust: 31in-39in
Waist: 27in-35in
Length: 36in

Metamorphose Swan Lake Pink skirt (medium length)  $160 (shipped to Canada/USA)  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent condition.  I've only tried it on for a few minutes on 2 occasions and previous owner wore it twice and had it cleaned.  Bow brooch and waist ties are removable.  Perfect for taller lolis (or petite lolis who can wear this as a tea length skirt).
Waist: 25in-30in (partial shirring in the back)
Length: 24in

Metamorphose Swan Lake Bordeaux skirt (medium length)  $160 (shipped to Canada/USA)  SOLD
Condition: Excellent condition.  I've only tried it on once.  Not sure how often the previous owner wore it, but it was cleaned before it was shipped to me.  Bow brooch is missing.  Waist ties are removable.  Perfect for taller lolis (or petite lolis who can wear this as a tea length skirt).
Waist: 25in-30in (partial shirring in the back)
Length: 24in

Metamorphose Swan Lake black high waist skirt  $200 (shipped to Canada/USA)  SOLD
Condition: Excellent condition.  Worn 2 times by previous owner.  Tulle trim at the bottom and 3 fabric bows (2 small, 1 large) are removable (tulle trim has buttons, fabric bows and brooch back).  I bought this as part of a set that came with the matching purse and hair combs, but I purchased the same skirt from a friend a while ago, so I have no need for a duplicate of the skirt (I only wanted the purse and hair combs).
Waist: 25in-30in (partial shirring in the back and lace up, measures 23in when laced closed)
Length: 24in (tulle trim is removable, measures 22in without tulle trim)

Metamorphose High Waist Ribbon Scalloped blue skirt  $110 (
shipped to Canada/USA) SOLD
Condition:  Brand new with tag.  Never tried on.  The organza ruffle at the bottom is attached to the slip and is a separate layer.  The 3 bows down the front of the waist area have brooch backs and are removable.
Waist: 24in-29in (partial shirring plus corset lace up)
Length: 23in (includes high waist portion)

Metamorphose Perfume Bottle white JSK  $190 (shipped to Canada/USA)  SOLD
Condition: Brand new.  Tried on once by previous owner and tried on once by me.  Has removable waist tie (not pictured in the front shot, but I laid them over the shoulder on the back shot as proof), partial shirring and adjustable should straps.
Bust: 32in-39in
Waist: 28in max (can be reduced by removable waist tie)
Length: 38in

Metamorphose Perfume Bottle black skirt  (plus size friendly)  $160 (shipped to Canada/USA)  SOLD
Condition: Excellent condition.  Worn once by previous owner.  The elastic in the waist band is a little twisted.  Can be fixed with a quick run with an iron.
Waist: 22in-40in
Length: 21in

Metamorphose Popping Balloons beige skirt (plus size friendly)  $140 (
shipped to Canada/USA)  SOLD
Condition: Excellent condition.  Tried on by previous owner and tried on by me.  Perfect for plus size sweet lolis.  I LOVE Meta's fully shirred skirts for the comfort.  Even when the shirring is almost maxed out, the waistband is still comfortable.  Great for frequent/every day wear.
Waist: 20in-40in
Length: 20.5in

On my dressform
Metamorphose Barbed Wire and Roses corset skirt  $140 (shipped to Canada/USA)  SOLD
Condition: Excellent condition.  Worn 4 times by previous owner, worn 1 time by me.  I have 2 skirts in this print though and I can't justify keeping both, so this one goes since I wear the other one semi-frequently. The sheer tulle trim at the bottom is sewn to the slip and provides a bit of poof.  The corset waist area is a soft faux leather material.  No cracking or damage of the faux leather, but it's a tiny bit wrinkly from storage (doesn't show when worn).  There is shirring under the corset lace up and while it's not a tight lacing corset, it can cinch in a bit.
Waist: 22in-28in
Length: 25in

Metamorphose Feather Cross beige skirt  $80
(shipped to Canada/USA)  SOLD
Condition: Fair condition.  Worn several times by previous owner and worn once by me.  A classic gothic Meta motif.  The fabric is like a flannelette and would be great for fall's cooler weather.  There is a bit of pilling that can easily be fixed (or ignored just as easily).  There is a light stain about 1in in diameter.  Might come out with some bleach, but I haven't tried (Clorox pens aren't sold where I live, so I only use mine in cases of dire emergency).  There are buttons most likely meant for waist ties, but I received the skirt without waist ties, so I am selling it in the same condition. 
Waist: 23in-27in
Length: 20in

Paypal only.  Please check trade terms at top of post before offering trades.
Please see top of post for shipping and trade info.
No holds, first to invoice gets first dibs.

(PS. LJ's been messing with my formatting a whole lot lately, so if you see something that doesn't look right, please let me know.  I can't seem to predict when LJ's going to just random re-format half my post anymore.  Just have to try to catch it and fix it whenever I can. X3 )
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