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DS: Reduced Prices + DS/DT: Innocent World Oddment Items Luckypack


- I ship from Montréal, Qc, Canada. I can ship worldwide.
- Prices in USD. (www.xe.com)
- First come first serve.
- Paypal only.
- I own a dog, and I clean the item before shipping it.
- All mesurements in centimeters (Sorry, I'm french XD) I can convert if you need it.
- Feedback Here.

Josephine Skirt - 90$ SOLD Thank you

Flora JSK (Sax Blue - Long) - 100$ SOLD! Thank you

Angelic Pretty Tripple Frill Gingham Skirt - 90$ 78$

Again, bought here a long time ago. I've just worn it for a quick photoshoot, but I can't remember from the past owner. It's a very nice and fluffy skirt, very cute! The waistband are detachable and have lace accent on the bottom. It came originally with a brooch, but I never had it. It's half-shirred, so it's really confortable.

Waist: 60~68 cm
Length: 45cm

Lace details
Back details
Hellolace infos

Métamorphose Gingham Skirt - 80$ 66$

A cute gingham skirt, perfect for debuting lolitas! Worn once, not apparent flaws. Comes with detachable waisties adn half-shirred back. Sadly not my style anymore.

Waist: 60~70 cm
Length: 55cm

Print Details

Shirley Temple JSK - 75$ 60$

Bought on Closet Child a while ago, but never worn it since it pretty small. It's perfect for a more casual style, with cute berry print. There's also a small waistband made with ribbon, with cute flowers details at the end. There is an small spot on the front, but it's barely noticeable.

Bust: 76 cm
Waist: 68 cm
Length: 86cm

Stain01 02
Belt Details (sorry for the flash effect)
Closet Child Pictures

Metamorphose Red Pokkadot Headdress - 25$ 18$

A cute headdress, sadly it's not my style anymore. It's really big, and it ties up with red ribbon. Perfect for a sweet coordination!

Metamorphose Official Picture

Handmade Pink Headdress - 15$ 12$

I made this headdress for me a while ago, but as you see, I,m not much into sweet lolita. It's made with soft pink gingham fabric, and it ties up with a ribbon.

Set: Métamorphose Cherry Gingham JSK, with socks and blouse - 175$ 140$

(I prefer to sell this as a set, but I can separate them.)

It is a wonderfull JSK from Méta, really simple and confortable, but sadly to sweet for my taste. I made a set when I bought it with this Méta blouse and Baby Knee-high socks. The JSK is half-shirred in the back, and comes with detachable waisband and a bow. I bought it directly from Méta and wore it once. As for the blouse, it's brand new without tags, also from Méta. The back is shirred and have detachable ties for more ajustments. Finally, the socks are worn once have been washed.

JSK Mesurements:
Lenght: 72.8cm (Skirt: 55cm)
Bust: 88cm
Waist: 72cm

Blouse mesurements:
Lenght: 58cm
Bust: 88cm
Waist: 72cm

Metamorphose original pictures (JSK)
Hellolace infos (JSK)
Socks Details
Blouse Details (Sorry for the pink looking pictures)

Métamorphose Red Gingham High waist JSK - 125$ 100$

Again, a very cute Métamorphose JSK. Worn once, it comes with detachable bows in the front and waisties.

Lenght: 95cm (Skirt: 61cm)
Bust: 80cm
High Waist: 74cm
Waist: Free

Metamorphose original pictures

BTSSB Knee Hight Logo Embrodery Socks (WhitexPink) - 25$ 20$

These are new without tags. Never worn, they don't fit my wardrobe anymore.

Offbrand Knee Hight Lace top Socks (RedxBlack) - 20$ 15$

These are worn once and washed. They so a bit of use under the feet, but it's barely noticable.

Offbrand Punk Tote (BlackxRed) - 15$ 12$

Used a very fews times, in perfect condition. It was bought a long time ago to fit my first Brand Skirt, a Putumayo, that I sold a long time ago.


Thank you for watching!
Feel free to ask questions or additionnal information/pictures!

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