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DS: MmM Platform Shoes 23.5 (price reduction) // WTB: AP or Replica bag and socks

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Hello everybody!

I´m selling some of my things


- I DO charge PayPal fees!
- All prices are without shipping!
- Please feel free to make reasonable offers!
- If you have any questions, feel free to ask^^

MmM platform shoes size 23.5

Prices: 110€ (price reduction)

I bought this shoes 2nd hand. I just worn them onces for a really short time. They are in nearly perfect condition. There are some "bruises" near the sole and a small damage at the right shoe. It´s not a real scratch, it´s more like that the material isn´t that shiny anymore. Anyway, the damage is really small (around 5mm x 5mm) I tried to catch it one one of the photos below.
Please notice: You can see some white dots on the photos this comes because of the flash lense of my camera.



I´m looking for a nice bag and some OTK to match the Marry Making Party OP in light pink.

Maybe something like that:

Or anything else wich is cute and colour matching! I do not look for tote bags! Since I just need them for one event I don´t care if they are brand/off brand/used/new/damaged. Just show me what you got!

Thank you!

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