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DS! IW Cutsew and Meta Cutsew


Hey everyone! This is my first sale so I'm sorry if I mess something up!
  • Warning! I do own animals and try as I might, they still get into my things. All items will be dry cleaned before going out but you may want to stay away if you have allergies. I also live with parents who smoke.
  • I only accept paypal.
  • Shipping: USA-$7, International-$40 sorry for the expense, but that's the cheapest I can do.
  • Please no haggling. I bought these items at Anime Boston last year from a fellow lolita and it turned out they were just too small for me so I'm just trying to get my money back.
  • Feedback!

    Innocent World Cutsew $30
    Excellent used condition from the previous owner. I only tried it on once.
    button-up neck in the back for best fit.
    Measurements (laid flat)
    bust- 16 inches with some stretch
    waist- 14 inches with some stretch
    neck- my neck is about 13 inches and it fits perfect. could maybe go another inch or so.

    Metamorphose Cutsew $30
    pre-loved but the previous owner. shows minimal signs of wear around the underarms
    detachable bows, each has a loose thread hanging off that I can remove upon request.
    also a loose thread in the lace around the collar
    Measurements (laid flat)
    bust- 15 inches with some stretch
    waist- 14 inches with some stretch

    Thanks for looking =) feel free to ask me any questions.

Tags: !ds, innocent world, metamorphose
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