wabbie_chan (wabbie_chan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Dress or skirt in dark colors

Hello everyone. I am looking for a corset dress, maybe something like this


or a high waist skirt in one of these styles


I will look at brand, handmade, chinese and korean brands.
Mostly looking for something not expensive.
Colors I am looking for are black, brown, navy, wine, burgundy and maybe purple

Also still looking for an underbust/vest jsk, please check here
My Measurements:

Bust: 90 cm
Waist: 68 cm

Please show me your beautifull dresses!

  • My feedback Page
  • I will not buy from sellers with negative feedback so please note that since I will be asking for your feedback page If I like what you are offering.
  • I prefer to buy from within europe to avoid expensive shipping but may look at other offers too, if there is a cheap alternative.

Tags: !wtb, any brand
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