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SS: San Francisco Stores (BTSSB/AaTP, AP, BPN, HH)

Because I commute to the city everyday due to schooling, I realized that I could begin a shopping service since it would not be a problem for me; I would also be able to provide a service/aid to everyone here in the EGL community.

I realize I have never done anything like this before except for maybe a few personal friends, so I am aware many will not be trusting of me at first. Hopefully some of you will be willing to give me a chance and see if this could be potential or not, and all I can promise you is that I will do my best.

Now onto business!

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright/ Alice & The Pirates
Angelic Pretty, Black Peace Now, Harajuku Hearts
In-Store Only

Please read and understand them fully. I am not at fault if a mishap occurs and it has been clearly explained below.
How to use my service:
-Please fill out the form will all of the information required, located at the bottom of this page.
-Feedback MUST be provided, just like how I have provided mine for you:
 My Feedback
-You must be 100% sure you have the funds and commitment to use my service.
 Skeptical buyers, payers, and scammers will have negative feedback and will be black-listed.
-I can purchase from M-F. I can ship T, TH, and SAT.
 *Purchases made on SAT-SUN will require an extra fee.
-I have the right to refuse service from anybody and to make any edits if deemed necessary.

Domestic/US buyers preferred. If you are an international buyer, please inquire.

Total of items + 8.5% San Francisco Tax
5% Commission Fee (5% of item total W/O tax); Reservations, Lucky Packs, and Sets require 10%
Shipping Cost
Paypal Fees (2.9% + 0.30) *Inquire if international
*Traveling Fee ($8) - ONLY for purchases that have to be made on a SAT-SUN.
How to Calculate your Total:
(Total of items +  State tax) + Commission Fee + Shipping Cost = Subtotal
Subtotal + Paypal Fees = Final Total
*If a purchase is to be made on a SAT-SUN, you must add the $8 Traveling Fee to the Subtotal.

Once the items are purchased, I will show you proof of receipt. If there was an overestimate on the total, I will refund you the excess.

Items from BTSSB/AaTP and must be inquired by contact of the store. Some prices and inventory are available through their blog:

h. Naoto items must also be inquired by contact of the store:

If you would like me to inquire for you, please let me know.

SS regarding AP, BPN, and HH:
Please be aware these stores already offer shipping for orders with a minimum weight of 1 lb.
Shipping single small items  do not cover their cost of operations and recommend you buy multiple items to improve your purchasing power.
It is up to you to determine which method is most beneficial for you. I do not recommend using my services if you plan on buying medium-large pieces (JSK, OPs, purses, etc.) or multiple items.
I recommend using my services for these stores if you are only interested in single small items; though it is not limited to.

If you are unsure about your numbers, I can calculate the quote for you.

Full payment must be received before any purchases! This proves your commitment to the service.
-Item is unavailable for purchase.
-We have agreed beforehand that you do not desire a damaged item. This is for damages only (Stains, rips, broken
zipper, missing pieces, etc.). Flaws like stray strands and subtle sewing mishaps do not count as damage; this will be based on my judgement.
-If there was an overestimate in the total, particularly involving shipping costs. This is only a PARTIAL REFUND. I will refund the excess of the payment made.

Once purchased, I will show you proof of purchase and proof of receipt (Total Only). Please note me if you would like to see the actual product during this proof.

I ship USPS First Mail or Priority, depending on the items bought.
Tracking is provided.
For Express and/or Insurance, please inquire.

I ship it out as soon as possible after payment is made.

First Class: $3 flat; this is for single small items only! If you would like to it shipped via Priority, please notify.
Priority: Please view the rates at
If you would like me to ship through another service, please inquire.

I am not responsible once it has been shipped out. All damages that occurred during shipping is out of my hands.
All items will be kept in its original wrapping with tags when shipped, unless you asked for actual proof of the product; it will then be re-wrapped.


Name -
Invoice - *Email to send the invoice to
Items - *Please include Brand, Item Name, and Colorway
Estimated Total - *Calculation is provided above
Would you like the item even if it has damages: Yes/No
I have read all guidelines and are 100% commited to using your service.

Thank you for doing business with me!

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