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DT/DA: bunch of offbrand with a bit of DS/WTB at the bottom too!

Terms of Service/stuff you need to know
  1. No refunds, exchanges, or returns. I'll try to make pictures and descriptions as accurate as possible, so that returns/refunds/exchanges won't be necessary.
  2. I ship from Illinois. Those in the Chicagoland area are free to pick up items at an agreed destination to save on shipping.
  3. I accept paypal online, or cash/checks in person.
  4. MY PM'S ARE OFF, PLEASE email me at Elenoa@gmail.com if you have questions
  5. Buyers pay for shipping and item price only, and all items are shipped with FREE tracking! That's right, no PP fees! However, prices do not include shipping unless stated otherwise.
  6. Terms may change at any time.
  7. International buyers are welcomed! But please do consider the shipping/insurance fees.
  8. Items go to whoever can pay first.
  9. Here's my eglfeedback page. I've also got feedback on ebay as TerminalHeavensR
  10. Please provide feedback if you're interested in buying something from me!
  11. Shipping is only in the USA. For international, please ask.
  13. Please note: the walls of my room are green, so my pictures have a green hue to them. If you want more true-to-color photos, let me know!
  14. Ps first time I'm hosting a DA. If I'm doing something wrong please let me know X_X

Offbrand MM replica in Pink
Starting bid: $40
BIN: $100
Size: Size M, bust 38in max, waist 30in max, length 38in. No shirring but has lacing in the back to make it smaller.
Condition: Used, worn out once, but otherwise in good condition. Has been dry-cleaned recently. Has two fully functional pockets. Though it has no lining, it's opaque enough that most colors underneath won't show through. I'd rather trade this for another dress. See bottom to see what kinds of dresses I'm looking for. 

Bodyline Cat Window dress
Starting bid: $15
BIN: $50
Size: BL size M, best for bust less than 34in, waist less than 30in.
Condition: I'm the 2nd owner, it belonged to my friend. I've only worn it out once, and it's been cleaned. No flaws noted. Original stock photo here

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White F+F Classical OP
Starting bid: $30
BIN: $80
Size: Not sure of the F+F size, but bust is about 40in, waist 30-32in.
Condition: I got this as a trade with another person at Acen 2011, but it's too big for me. I've worn it once and has cleaned it since. No flaws noted as far as I can see. F+F stock photos here

Bodyline pink boatneck dress
Starting price: $15
BIN: $50
Size: bust 38in max, waist 30in max
Condition: I bought this second hand from the comm, and the original owner snipped off the lace at the collar and on the skirt because they were bad rachel lace. I've worn it out once and has cleaned it since. Does not come with the big bow in the middle (seen in stock photos).

Bodyline pink pleated skirt
Starting bid: $10
BIN: $50
Size: Waist 28in max, length 27in
Condition: I bought it from Bodyline a while back, but never wore it out since none of the pink in my wardrobe matches this pink. It's got a peach-tint to it, so it's a rather unique pink. Has been cleaned and no noted flaws. No stock photos since it was bought at least 2 years ago.

Rakuen tiered skirt
Starting bid: $10
BIN: $50
Size: very stretchy, can go up to 40, maybe even 50in. Length 21in.
Condition: Bought first hand from Rakuen, it was a two piece set. The top piece was a bustier with icky lace and no one would want that so I'm just selling the skirt, lol. It makes a great underskirt, but I don't need it anymore. Has been machine washed before, but no noted flaws. Has a LOT of room for poof! 
AUCTION ENDS MONDAY OCTOBER 3rd, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5TH, 2PM (1400) US CENTRAL TIME. I WILL take bids made at 14:00:59 or any time before, but not at 14:01:00. 


Offbrand strappy janes
Price: $40 shipped in the USA
Size: US women's 9
Condition: If you read my shoes post on EGL, you'd know that the only reason I'm selling these is because they're too small for me XD They're 2nd hand bought off ebay, but came in great condition. The rufflies on the middle are detachable!

Offbrand black shoes
Price: $10 OBO
Size: US Women's 9
Condition: Bought 2nd hand off the sales comm and these are also too small for me! They have a rocking-horse shoes feel to them. These will come free if you buy 2 or more other things from my sales post! 

WTT/stuff I'll trade for:
I LOVE dresses and shoes in RED or wine color, but skirts are a low priority for me.
I love florals and black! And lace patterened pantyhose!
Also looking for shoes in white.
Will look at anything, purses, jewlery, blouses, anything!!
My measurements are 36in bust, 27in waist. My feet size is US Women's 10, or 10in or 25.5cm Please make sure that whatever you off will fit these measurements!
I AM NOT LOOKING TO BUY. If you offer me something it'd better be because you're interested in one of my items.
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