stephiieskele (stephiieskele) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Small Closet sale! Everything must go!

Hello since I am leaving the lolita fashion for a bit, and getting more into my old punk/goth style I am in need of selling these following items due to needing the money, and of course no use for them.
If you can pay right away, I am shipping out items this thursday coming!
I am not responsible once items have been shipped, but so far so good ~
I am hoping to sell them at the price marked, since they are both new only worn once by myself. And I would be hoping to get most my money back, as well shipping isn't included in prices message away for the total with shipping to your place :) If i overcharged I will refund!

Will consider decent offers as well :)

Dear Celine Blouse

$40.00 Cad +shipping+PPfees
Bust: 80cm - 90cm

Waist: 70cm - 80cm

Bodyline Red x Pink Furits Parlor replica Skirt

Includes waist ties!

Size: 70-100cm

Price $50.00 Cad + shipping&PP fees

Tags: !ds, *replica, bodyline, dear celine

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