Caity Boo (sewcutedesigns) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Caity Boo

!DT Angelic Pretty Skirt!

>Rules of trade!

I will look at anything brand, well-made offbrand.
I'm partial to AP and I'm  kinda leaning for Innocent World!
My measurements are about 28 inches in the waist and 36 in the bust. Please only offer things that will fit me!  13+  9+  17+ 
Thats  40+ feedback!

1. Angelic Pretty Princess Ribbon Skirt, Pristine Condition never worn by me bought it from a friend
I think she wore it once.  Hello Lace page for awesome details:
Includes: Removable waist ties, built in petticoat, back shirring, and GLITTER fabric!

Tags: !dt, angelic pretty

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