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DS: Handmade items

Hi there!

So I just started my own "brand" a little more than a month ago and I've been thinking of sharing some of the things i have on sale there...

Of course it's only a small part so you should check out the website and you can PM me or use the e-mail that is listed there (

I hope you like these items... since i'm really a novice here I hope I made a good job :D

Shipping is not included. I'll be shipping from Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. And here is my feedback link:

Allergy allert!! I do own a cat and he likes to take leisurely strolls on my stuff so I don't garantee the items to be allergy safe.... I do not smoke though nor I hang out on smoking places :)

Here are the items:

3 Laces Gingham
Price: 50€

Classical Skirt

Pearl Earings
Price 2€ a pair (blue or pink)

Bow Earings
Price: 2€ a pair (pink, blue, yellow or mint)

Pearl Hoops
Price: 2€

Cross Earings
Price: 2,5 (each pair, blue or pink)

Owl Earings
Price: 2

Madam Earings
Price: 2,5€

Cream Rings
Price: 3€ each (from left to right A. B, C, D)

Cream Pins
Price: 3€ each (from left to right: A, B, C)

Romantique Wristcuffs
Price: 7,5€

Black Lady Wristcuffs
Price: 7,5€ a pair (black or red)

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