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!DS: Three Blouses: Dear Celine, Bodyline, and Offbrand

Hello everyone! Time for -another- sales post!
I've been going through my closet some more, and have found a few blouses that I simply don't wear anymore ^^; so time for them to go!

I also have two other sales posts with a lot of items, and a ds/dt for baby's cherry bouquet op at the bottom of this post!

Thank you for looking, and I hope you find something you like! <3

feedback here


My Wishlists for Trades:

Angelic Pretty

Other Angelic Pretty Items

Baby and AatP
Baby and Aatp Accessories


Innocent World

All Other Brands

Thank you so much for looking! Any questions? Need more pictures or info? Feel free to ask!

I also have a LOT of other items here and here for sale!
including jewelry, boleros and cardigans, and accessories!
Also, a ds/dt for BtSSB's Cherry Bouquet OP here :)
Tags: !ds, bodyline, dear celine, offbrand
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