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DS/DT: AatP Blouse, BPN Jacket, h.NAOTO BLOOD Blouse, IW JSK

♛ Prices do not include shipping unless stated. I usually ship within 3 business days.
♛ I only take paypal.
♛ Priority goes to whoever leaves their paypal first. Please pay within 48 hours of receiving invoice.
♛ Everything is cleaned before sending out. I do have a long-haired dog, and will try to get any hair off.
♛ I'm generally open towards trades. Here's my general trade info and my wishlist! *for this sales post, I'm really looking for a boystyle coat!

NWOT Alice and the Pirates Mad Hatter Blouse (Men's Size): $110

Stock images |
Measurements from HelloLace:
60.5cm length
39.5cm shoulder width
99cm bust
82cm waist
66.5cm sleeve length
This is new without tags. The previous owner and I have only tried it on. The previous owner did not include the bow/jabot. It's true black.


Back |
Bust 18" flat
Waist 15.5" flat
detachable thingy 24" around
Bought this through a shopping service and it ended up a little too big for me. It also comes with a detachable...to be honest, I have no idea what it is...maybe it's a cincher? 100% wool. It's true black.

NWT h.NAOTO BLOOD Blouse $110

Back | Cuff detail
Bust 18.5" flat
Waist 16.5" flat
It came to me missing the second from the top button. I don't think it affects the look that much because there is another button directly above it. The cuffs are adorned by 3 chain links! There is corset lacing in the back, so it will go a lot smaller.

Innocent World Rachel JSK in ivory/kinari: $130

Back | Stock image | Lace closeup/accurate color
Bust 17" flat
Waist 14" flat
Length 37"
This JSK has detachable waist ties, so it can go smaller. Lined. Perfect condition.

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