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SS/WTB: Putumayo x Tales of Xillia Collab Reservation

So I saw the designs for the Putumayo x Tales of Xillia collab, and I am just in total love with the Milla design.
I would like to possibly request a shopping service for reservation for one of the collab items. I am interested in the Milla Black x Purple Stripe Co-ord:

Here is a link to the collab page for more information:
Now I am aware this will be a weird and possibly selfish request, but I will only be interested in the shopping service if it will be less than $317 in total.
This is because I have inquired with Harajuku Hearts in San Francisco if they could possibly special order this for me. $317 will be the total with all fees already included. They have not given me any another information, even though I have sent them an email twice regarding the special ordering process (They mentioned a non-refundable 50% deposit, but I am not sure if it's half of the $317 or if it will be included into the $317).
I would like to obtain this item in the most affordable way possible.

Please give me an estimated total for the shopping service, including all fees.
My zip code is CA, 94564 in the US, to help with estimated shipping fee.
If the shopping service will exceed more than $317, then I will probably special order it via Harajuku Hearts.

I am selling two BTSSB sets that I desperately must be rid of:

I have AP Haircombs and Offbrand accessories here. Any 2 OFFBRAND accessories is free with any purchase:
Thank you for your cooperation!
Tags: !ss, !wtb, putumayo
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