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DT/DS: Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose.

- I ship from Perth, Australia.
- Prices are in AUD.
- Will ship 1-3 days after receiving payment (I've been working loads lately.. this may delay shipping a little bit).
- Bank transfer within AU preferred, otherwise PayPal for the rest of the world.
- Shipping not included in the price, please enquire for a quote depending on where you live.
- I much prefer to trade this items, and I'll note what items I'd like to trade for underneath the item. If I don't get a good offer for trade, I'll put a set price next to the item at what I see fit.
- Feedback is here.

1.) Angelic Pretty strawberry ribbon OP in blackxred colourway.


Really sad about this OP since I've been waiting for it for over a month. ): I didn't realise the sleeves wouldn't fit like I'd hoped for, so it's unfortunately got to go.


It is shirred in the back, but it's not as forgiving as it could be.
I'd say the max bust would be 37"-38" or smaller (since that's affects arm movement in the sleeves thereafter, like in my case).
Waist: 32" or smaller for best fit.

Trade for:
  • Strawberry ribbon fully shirred JSK in red or black colourways, will consider the non-fully shirred version if it'll fit a bust of 39" and a waist of 33".
  • Partial-trade for Wonder Story black or red collared JSK (will consider other colourways aswell).
  • Other AP prints (JSK preferred, no skirts) that don't have a higher value than this JSK (I'm not interested in partial-trades).

    Price if no trades: $210AUD before shipping for just the OP. I may consider selling the strawberry AP headbow and cherry berry socks(please inquire for a picture) that I received with this, but I really want to keep those. I paid $260 for the whole set shipped, so you can make an offer along those lines.

    2.) Metamorphose Room Print skirt (non-belted version) with hairbow.


    I absolutely love this print, but I thought I bought the belted version, and ended up getting without realising it, haha. So it's a little tight around the waist for me when I button it up. I'd love to partial trade this for the JSK/OP version of Room Print in black, but will settle for selling this set. Worn a couple of times, in brilliant condition. The hairbow has been worn by somebody else for a photoshoot over a wig once.


    25" - best fits under a 32" waist.

    Trade for:
  • Partial-trade for Room Print JSK/OP version in black.
  • The belted/fully shirred skirt version in black or white.
  • Like above, partial-trade for Wonder Story collared JSK.

    Price if no trades: $75 before shipping for the set.

    3.) Metamorphose Lucky Pack 2011 blackxwhite skirt.


    I really love this, but I just never wear it and can't see myself wearing it in the future. The print is velveteen (I'm pretty sure?), with black roses all over. :D One of the best prints I've seen from Meta, I just wish I found this in the JSK version (if they have one :P).

    Waist: 25" - 38" (maybe a little more).

    Will trade for:
  • Show me what you have (not skirts). I'm mostly interested in shoes at the moment that'll fit a 250JP. My wishlist is here, anything along those lines would be nice! Only trades, no partial-trades (meaning I won't pay more if your item is worth more than mine, just don't offer it!).

    Price: please make me an offer, I have no idea what this is worth!

    Thanks so much, please don't hesitate to ask any questions, if you need any more photos, etc!
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