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DS: Bodyline, off-brand white blouse, vintage boater hat, petticoats, a plus-sized petticoat, &c.

I'm moving and have to jettison most of my clothes!

*Feedback can be left here. There's a link there to my Ebay feedback, if you'd like to see it!
*My home is smoke-free and [sadly] pet-free!
*I ship from the United Kingdom!
*Shipping is not included in the prices below.
*I do ship internationally. Please ask for quote if you'd like me to ship something internationally.
*I accept payment via PayPal ONLY.
*The first to leave their PayPal address will receive the items will requested.

SOLDPink Bodyline OP

SOLD Black and White Checked Dress

SOLD White TaoBao Blouse

White Handmade Plus-Sized Petticoat

$25 / £15

Purchased on Etsy from Peacockalorum. Worn once, but was always too big around my waist and would slip down (if your waist is 86 cm/34"+ then you won't have this problem!). This petticoat is very fluffy with a soft liner inside (see photo).

Would best fit waists 86-102 cm (34"-40").

White An*Tai*Na (TaoBao) Shoes

$25 / £15

Worn once. Fit a British 7. I will only ship these in UK, as shipping elsewhere is too expensive (they're pretty heavy).

Vintage Boater Hat

$12 / £8

Size 6 3/4. This is awesome but just slightly too small for me, so I've never worn it. Since it's vintage it has been pre-loved/worn (see photo), but is still in good condition. My head is about 52.5 cm (20.5") around the widest bit. I suggest this hat for heads just a bit smaller (more like 50 cm/19.5" and under).

Tags: *plus size, bodyline, offbrand, taobao
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