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DS/DT: huge closet cleaning O.o ~ reduced to sell

* my feedback can be found on egl fb and on my journal
* location: Toronto
* I take direct paypal or email transfer only (aka no echecks)
*prices in CAD
*prices  do not include shipping unless stated
*paypal fees FREE
*all items are cleaned before shipment unless new
*serious buyers only, if you waste my time i will no longer sell to you
* i have a cat, and a dog, neither wear the clothing but be warned!
*i will do hold and payment plans with a minimum of 20% down (after 3 days of sale post up)
*priority ranks - pay first and then north American buyers 
*put your paypal down if you want it, if it's just a question i will not count you in rank of order
*i prefer to ship with tracking, but i can offer other methods at ur own risk.

EVERYTHING IS OBO ~ please note i can choose to wait 24 hours to accept an offer below my price

u know the usual..


liz lisa wishlist
vk and punk wishlist
lolita wish list

i may look at other items too but i really like HCP, Listen Flavor, Banana Fish, Liz LIsa, MMM, AP ^_^


SOLD ^_^

compare with ap dress

another pic, hand compare

Clothing LP  


5 cardi/cutsews
pink cardi , bodyline cutsew (black and white, under arm had been cut ~ came like that to me), pink and blue japanese cardi, white hime style lace cardi, short black cardi , all used but in good condition please note, as in in photos i can't promise anthing 

3 pairs shown below

size: pretty free everything can fit up to 38 bust ^_^ maybe even more
asking: 45 + shipping (originally 45+30+shipping)
bodyline black+ whitepink+blue

socks un folded

Massive Acessories LP  

Info: SOLD ^_^

more photo1, photo 2photo 3

close up necklaces, marshmellow clipscookie clips

thanks for looking ^_^

Tags: !ds, !dt, an-ten-na, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, handmade, offbrand, secret shop, taobao
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