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DS: Offbrand & Few Brand, Nothing over $30 USD

Before we get started:

* My feedback page:
* I do not own any fuzzy pets, just a pet fish. And there are no smokers.
* First to leave their paypal address gets priority.
* I ship from the United States.
* US buyers are preferred, but international is welcome! :)
* I am not responsible for lost items! If a package doesn't show up when it's supposed to, let me know so that I can contact the post office and I will do everything I can. However, I do not do refunds.
* Feel free to make reasonable offers.
* Almost all of the items were purchased from consignments with rigorous standards, so that all the items are in good condition.
*Measurements are amateur.

* Prices are in USD, shipping is not included.
* Without tracking: $5.50 in the US, $13.50 international. Shipping will be cheaper for small items, like socks or gloves.

My proof is the Korilakuma cupcake screen wiper!

Onto the items!

~Cherry & Cherry Blossom Skirt $20 USD~ ON HOLD
Great for casual, or just something to wear that you don't have to worry about getting dirty. The size is small since it's meant for kids, but that also means it's very durable. Ran through the washer and ironed and the print doesn't bleed!
Manufacturer's Tag: Pumpkin Patch, Size 11, 145cm/57"
Waist: 25-25"/64-66cm waist (no elastic)
Length: 18"/ 46cm



~Burgundy red skirt by Malco Modes. $30 USD~
It's a square-dancing skirt, but still lolita appropriate. It's long and would look better on someone taller.
Manufacturer's Tag: Partners Please! by Malco Modes San Francisco (no size)
Waist: A little loose on me, I recommend for 27"/69cm minimum to 34"/87cm for comfort.
Length: 23"/58cm

Spread out with proof (color is off)
EDIT: Worn Picture!

~Pink Blouse $20 USD~
Sadly, I don't have anything to go with this blouse. I love the detailing though! I recommend sewing in a pink ribbon on the inside of the blouse where skin might show through. The sleeves are three-quarter sleeves.
Bust: 34"/86cm (might be better for a smaller bust though.)
Waist: 34"/86cm


~Dotted Blouse with Jabot $17 USD~
The jabot buttons on at the top, and there's also a string that came with the shirt, not really sure what it's for. The blouse is a little transparent.
Tag says it's a medium, and it is too large on me.
Bust: 38"/96cm
Waist: 38"/96cm

Sleeve Detail
All 3 items

~Sax blue blouse with cute white & brown dots! $15 USD~
By H&M, I bought this with the intention of adding buttons on the top, but it doesn't work with this style of shirt. It's still really cute and would look great with a casual look.
H&M European size 38, US size 8
Bust: 34"/86cm
Waist: 30"/76cm

With Flash
Sleeve button

~Ruffle Blouse, $10 USD~
A more casual blouse, I traded this with someone on comm_sales but it's too big. It's made of a thick & stretchy material, and the dots are shiny. There is a small spot on the back, barely noticeable.
Tag says it's a medium
Bust: 34"/86cm
Waist: 30"/76cm

With Flash

Without Flash

~White Corset $30 USD~
For those of you familiar with Northern California, I bought this from Evangeline's in Olde Town Sacramento for $50. I've only worn it once with a blouse underneath it. I was unable to find the original cords for lacing it up. This corset can fit larger sizes if the ribbon is replaced by a longer one.
Size: 32



~Black Corset $18 USD~
Used once for a few hours when I went to watch "Watchmen" in theaters. It's from Charlotte Russe, with original lace-ups.
Size: Small (also about a 32)


~Awesome Socks $10~
The one on the left, I bought new and have only worn it two or 3 times. Fits size 5-6 (European size 35 or 36; about 23cm), and goes over the knee.

~BtSSB Crown Socks $20~
The one on the right I purchased off of yume_no_reesu on comm sales. I only tried it on and she wrote that it's unworn. I'm selling it because I now have another pair of brown socks. I'm selling them for about the same price I paid for them (15 Euros)
Original entry:

Black fingerless, goes up to elbow: $2
Black tight: $2
White: $2
All 3: $5

~More Gloves~
Black lace gloves: $5
Tie-up lace arm gloves: $5
White lace gloves (I love these, I bought them at a convention a few years ago; the ruffles are fraying): $7
White gloves: $2 due to spots on them

Black Lace Gloves
Black Lace-up Arm Gloves
White Lace Gloves
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