hana paints it red (hnasbo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
hana paints it red

!DS: Metamorphose OP, Off-Brand shirt and petticoat

I'm not wearing my lolita clothes anymore so I would like to sell my clothes. These are jut one part of my waredrobe , later i will add more itmes.
My Feedback page is here

Shipping is from Hungary and not included in the price .
you can also contact at szabohana[at]gmail.com

size M
country lolita , perfect for Mori Girl too
there is a petticoat in the dress
perfect condition
200 USD - shipping

Metamorphose OP

free size
A line dress , very soft and light material
perfect condition
175 USD + shippng

Off brand white blouse

size  M

very cute off brand blouse
perfect condition
25 USD + shipping
(original price 3500 yen)

Violet tulle skirt

free size
violet tulle skirt/ petticoat
perfect condition
65 USD + shipping
(original price 13 000 yen)
Tags: !ds, metamorphose, offbrand
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