Arya (laiferr) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Feedback Problems

Hi everyone,

I just want to make users/mods aware of some issues I have noticed with the feedback system lately. I think this is due to LJ changing some of its format/coding.
  • Sometimes the username on the page is inserted twice whenever you edit the entry
  • Sometimes it is impossible to edit an entry all together
  • Sometimes notifications of comments are not appearing in the inbox
  • Sometimes when you edit the feedback score and save the entry, the feedback number reverts back, as if it didn't change
It's not a major cause for concern as I have been extra careful while updating feedback to check for these issues, but it's very possible some have slipped through. We currently have no messages in the inbox over 5 weeks old, so if you have pending feedback older than that, the notification never came in. If this is the case please send a message to the eglfb account with a link to your page. Sorry for any inconvinience!

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