aquamelody5 (aquamelody5) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB IW Blanche Jsk & Rose & Little Bird headdress

Hello everyone! I am Megan and this is my first WTB post in egl.

I am looking for the following items. In case you :
  • Own one of the items and are interested in selling.
  • Know of any auctions or sales of these items in Ja or anywhere ealse.
  • Happen to know a store where these items are still available (I will buy through ss in that case)

Please let me know! ^^

This is a link to my  egl feedback : but since I am new to egl and have not much feedback yet here is a link to my ebay feedback as well :
  •  Blanche Jsk ( Innocent World ).

This is my dream dresss. I am interested in Beige×Chocolat or Mint×Chocolat, long or short version!(Bought)

  • Rose and Little Bird Headdress ( Innocent World)

     I have the matching skirt so I am looking for this headdress! I want the pink color .


Note: My location is Greece,Zakynthos but tomorrow I am moving to the UK so I will be located at Kingston,United Kingdom.
Tags: !wtb, innocent world
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