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DS: Black K-Star Bat Skirt

I'm sending from Canada. I can usually ship the next day after receiving the payment.
 I take PayPal mainly. Other forms of payment negotiable. No PayPal fees.
 Please feel free to ask any questions!
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Black K-Star bat skirt - purchased from RTBU

$35 shipped anywhere

...It's a really nice skirt! But I don't look too good in black punk-style ^^;

- worn 2 times apprx., excellent like-new condition!
- waist: 25"-35", elastic all around
- length: 17"
- the skirt itself is quite poofy, 4 layers of fabric and lace
- good for a Halloween coordinate maybe..? ;)
- similiar to this RTBU skirt (I believe they're of the same cut)

Thanks for looking!
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