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GO :: Q-Pot Peace Band Group Order!

I am opening a group order for Q-Pot Peace Bands. You may respond here, via email or PM regarding your interest.
I will be taking orders until the end of the month for this round. The closing date will be September 30. I may accept last minute requests so long as the order is finalized by October 1-2. It will take several days for my contact to get back to me after the order has been submitted.

Price per peace band is 525¥.
Band types are Strawberry Chocolate (Pink), Dark Chocolate (Brown), White Chocolate (Ivory), and Mint Chocolate (Blue).
Total shipping will be determined after all bands have been ordered.
Shipping and handling charges will be divided based upon how many bands each individual has ordered.
Payment is in three phases.

Commission rate is ¥250 for the first band, ¥150 for every band after and will be used to cover any proxy, exchange rate and/or bank fees.

*The total non-negotiable handling charges from the store + bank transfer fee to be split is 1365¥.
Additional charges may apply depending on order size.

**Payment may also be sent in Euro or British Pound. Proper conversions will be made.

Phase 1
Submit an order form listing how many bands you are interested in and include your Paypal address.
There is a fee of 3.9% + 45¥ assessed to all totals.

.:Order Form:.
Name/User Name ::
Number of Bands ordering and color/flavor ::
Paypal Address ::
Mailing Address :: (optional but recommended)
Email address where you can be reached ::
Other Questions/Requests ::

Wait for final confirmation of total including shipping and handling from the store.
Be prepared to send payment upon confirmation of order within 24 hours.
In this phase, the bands are being ordered and paid for.
There will be a small delay between Phase 1 and Phase 2 while the bands are arriving from the factory to my local contact.

There will be a mailbox fee assessed in Phase 2. You may request an estimate of future shipping/mailbox fees at this time but whatever estimate I give you cannot and will not be wholly accurate. Please be aware of this.

*If you need/want to pay by a different method, let me know. I will have to adjust the currency value and re-total for you.

Phase 2
Shipping from Japan to me.

This total will vary depending on how many bands you have ordered.
There is a mailbox fee that will be assessed depending on how many bands are ordered.
I prefer to ship via registered Airmail or EMS depending on cost vs. time.
I will let you know the estimated time of arrival and post updates at every step.

Again, 3.9% + 45¥ Paypal charges will apply.

Phase 3
Shipping from me to you.

You may
email or PM your address again at this point if you like.
I will re-confirm your order and address before I send.
Your shipping quote will be for USPS First Class unless otherwise requested.
Insurance, tracking or certification/registered is optional and will be extra.

For US payments, a 2.9% + $0.30 Paypal charge applies.
For non-US payments, a 3.9% + $0.30 Paypal charge applies.

If you are able to/would like to send payment via personal payment to avoid the extra fees, you may. I just request that you make sure that there is no fee charged forward and that the correct amount is forwarded. This option is riskier for you and I am not held responsible for any Paypal errors that may occur if you opt for this.

NOTICE :: Currently the mint (blue) chocolate band is sold out. Further availability pending. You may request it, but it may still be sold out at time of order. If it is still sold out, you will not be charged for the mint bands.

Other online orders may be added upon request.

General feedback is
eglfeedback is here.
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