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!WTB: AP OP/JSK (Milky-Chan/Sugary Carnival/Jewelry Jelly/CherryBerryBunny)

  •  Feedback (as of yet there is none, since I'm only recently back into Lolita)
  • I live in the United States, and I'd like whatever price you give me to include  shipping. 

My measurements: 
Bust: 90cm
Waist: 75cm

I've finally saved enough money that it's reasonable for me to try and buy one of the prints I'm dying to have. I've listed all of them so I have more of an opportunity to find one of them. They're listed in the order that I'd like to have them but I don't mind switching things up. 

  Generally I'd prefer to have the OP of all of these above the JSKs, but since I do plan to have all of them at some point, I'd like at least some to be JSKs. So if you have the JSK feel free to post as well. You'll see next to the name which version I'd prefer. On some, I like the JSKs and OPs equally. 

Colors are listed in order of preference. 

1. Sugary Carnival- OP is preferred, Lilac color is preferred. Sax is acceptable. 

2. Jewelry Jelly-OP/JSK equally. Mint preferred, lilac and sax are acceptable. Prefer the Jewelry Jelly Switching JSK over regular JSK 

3. Cherry Berry Bunny- OP, Sax or pink preferred, dislike the JSK

3. Milky-Chan- I only want the OP, and I only want the print in brown 

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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