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DS: LOTS of items!

Payment: Paypal only
Shipping from Wisconsin
Items come from a clean, smoke-free home (I do own cats)
All sales final
Feedback here.

Black Metamorphose Lucky Pack OP: Sold
For sale is a black Meta LP OP from 2007, I think. I purchased this from another user who I believe never wore it - if she did, it was only once or twice. I myself have never worn it, so it's in like new condition. This OP is shirred so it can fit a variety of sizes, and also has waist ties.

Length: 88-90cm
It's very difficult for me to determine the bust measurement on this due to the shirring, but I've read it can go up to a 40" bust no problem, and another user listed the flat bust measurements as 32 cm ~ 50 cm.

Stock photo in white color:

Bodyline Light Purple Wig: $15 + $4.50 shipping
I purchased this wig with my latest order as a spur of the moment type thing, but after trying it on today I just don't think it suits me.

This wig is NOT super thick. You have to adjust it so that the netting doesn't show. Nor does it look perfectly matte when flash is used (I turned off all but one of the lights in my bathroom and took a flash photo - see below). However, it is by no means a bad wig, in my opinion. In fact, I may buy more Bodyline wigs in the future.

You can see photos of this wig worn here and here.

Official Hello Kitty Plush Headbow: $36 + $4.50 shipping
This is a brand new without tags official Hello Kitty plush headbow. Bought this for a Hello Kitty coord that I'm not gonna do anymore. It measures roughly 8”H x 1-¼”L x 7”W. No longer sold in stores, hard to find.

Sweet Lolita Pajama Style Scarf: $9 + $3.99 shipping
Purchased on a whim at an upscale mall in Beijing. This is a very soft pajama style scarf with a print of sweets, cookies, cakes, bows, ice cream, fruit, etc. The opposite side is a plain pink. Brand new, never worn, tags removed. There is one small, barely noticeable spot I found under close examination. Close up of print and spot here.

Offbrand Red & White Polka Dot Socks: $5 + $2.99 shipping
Purchased these from a user who may have worn them once or twice (I can't recall). I personally bought them for a dress I never ended up buying, so I never wore them. I can't really find any signs of wear/flaws. I don't recommend these for girls with large calves because they wouldn't look great/feel comfortable stretched out too much. They have a little ruffle at the very tops.

Offbrand Red x White Socks: $8 + $2.99 shipping
These are brand new, never worn, tags removed. Also don't recommend these for large calves because they aren't the stretchiest and the stripes may look funny if stretched too much.

Offbrand Gryffindor Socks: $8 + $2.99 shipping
Represent, HP lolitas! I bought these years ago when I was silly and thought Gryffindor rocked. Now I know better - go Slytherin! These are brand new, never worn, tags removed.

Offbrand Dark Grey Polka Dot Socks: $7 + $2.99 shipping
Brand new, never worn, tags removed. These are semi-sparkly and have little black bows on the top.

Offbrand Thigh Highs with Pom Poms in Blue and Cream: $10 per pair + $2.99 shipping
I have these both in cream x red (with a bit of silver) and blue x peachy pink (with a bit of white). Both have cute fuzzy pom poms! These are quite long, roughly 28 inches. Cute for fall and winter coords.

Offbrand Bubblegum Socks: $7 + $2.99 shipping
Brand new, never worn, tags removed. Different shades of pink with some white and grey. Cute for deco lolita coords.

Patent Pink Lips Shoulder/Hand Bag: $9 + $5.50 shipping

I got this in an eBay auction lot when I purchased a patent heart bag for a guro outfit. I don't see myself using it in the near future. The owner listed it as brand new. However, like the heart bag, they somehow got some stains/spots on them that are a grey color. See photos here, here, and here. This can either be a handbag or a shoulder bag (there's a set of matching shoulder straps inside the purse that you can attach).

Carousel Pony Decorative Plate: $5 + $4.00 shipping
This is a decorative Carousel pony plate I found AGES upon ages ago at a store that sells used and vintage/antique items. I've never used it, and as I'm unpacking in my new home, realized I probably won't be using it in the future. So I'm hoping someone else may like it, since it's very cute. It's 12" x 12" and mainly dark blue with yellow, light pink, and a bit of light blue. Overall it's in quite good shape. Just a few minor areas that are dinged/scratched on the front. See example photos here, here, and here. The back has scratches too (see here), but you obviously won't be seeing that much. Made in 1990 according to the back.

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