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DS: Alice and the Pirates, Baby, Angelic Pretty

Quick rules:
1) First to leave Paypal and PAY gets the item. If you do not pay within 2 days I will go to the next person.
2) U.S buyers preferred. International buyers: please be advised that prices for shipping vary by where you are.
3) Once the package leaves my hands and has no insurance/tracking, I am not responsible for it. The post flow can be tricky. (I will add tracking for an additional cost) All items will be sent via USPS 1st class mail, unless other plans are made, in 2-3days after payment. I try to send items out by the next day but please be aware I do work full time so getting to the post can be tricky during the week.
4) Paypal only please. NO E-CHECKS
5) My feedback page is here:

Melty Mermaid Princess Skirt - Ecru $180

title or description
Proof of Ownership:

I pre-ordered this skirt and its truly beautiful. But unfortunately I don't know when I would wear it, so it needs to go to a good home. This skirt is NEW and UNWORN
AatP Waist Measurements: 60cm-72cm (23.62in-28.34in)

Apple Princess One piece Cut-Sew Dress - Off White w/ Gold Print $100 or REASONABLE Offer

title or description
Proof Of Ownership & Extra Photos:

This One piece is brand-new and unworn. I wear a 36C(US) Bra and just looking at this I know its not going to fit me. Its super adorable and I love the print on it but sadly I am too busty.
Bust and Waist max size (according to Babys website): 76cm - 29.92Inches

Angelic Pretty Black Shoes- Size L- $90 $72

title or description
Extra Photos.

I bought these shoes at Fanime last year brand new. I've only worn them once in the past year and don't feel I will ever wear them again. They need a new home! There are a few very minor scuffs that where hard for me to document. I would term these shoes as used but in great condition.
EDIT: Please be aware these are heels and not tea-party flats.

Le lac des Cygnes high socks- Sax- $18

title or description
Proof of Ownership:
Brand new and un-opened.

Usakumya accessory strap - White- $20

title or description

Brand new, I am not an Accessories person and a bit too sweet for my style so this needs a good home!

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Stationary Set - $8

title or description
Brand new and un-opened. I have no idea when I would ever use this, so maybe you can?

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