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DS: closet cleaning and gradually leaving lolita

* paypal payment or within EU bank trasfer is accepted too.
* No holds nor trades.
* Payment plans might be accepted
* Shipping is not included but pp fees are included
* I will ship within a week
* I'm not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen packages by post office.Choose tracking or insurance, if you feel more comfortable with
* All sales are final, no returns.
* NO BACKING OUT ALLOWED. It will lead to negative feedback. (Meaning, when you give me your pp address it meens that you want to buy it and you are not allowed to back out at that point, if you do so you will get negative feedback from me)
*My feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/191669.html

MmM Set ( sundress, matching bag and headbow)
condition: worn only once for a couple of hours;mint condition
price: 350€

MmM Coat
condition: worn once and it's in really good condition
description: the inside of the coat has the famous Moitié blue with the brand's name all over the fabric.
price: 230€

MmM ivory cutsew
condition: bought second hand but never worn by me,i't in good condition.
description: although in the picture it doesn't show this cutsew has straps to attach to your neck
price: 100€

OTK ivory socks
condition: tried on just once,mint condition
description: has the famous candelabra lace
price: 40€

Ivory gloves
condition: brand new,never worn
description: good quality of lace
price: 6€

MmM mini-hat
condtion: used once a couple of hours,mint condition
description:comes with its original box
price: 65€

MmM OTK socks
condition: brand new without tags
description: black x black
price: 30€

Atelier Boz headdress
condition: used 2 times,in really good condition
price: 25€

Demonia pumps
condition: used 3 times,with some minor scratches on the heels but in really good condition
price: 25€

Tags: !ds, atelier boz, moi-meme-moitie, offbrand
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