AllexyahShui (allexyahshui) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB socks, shoes, Cutsew

Hello everyone

I'm a buyer from Portugal and i use only paypal:) Here's my feedback page

I'm looking for some itemns not too expensive to buy, so if you have something to get rid of, just post it here and i'll take a look at it :)

Socks or Tights with cherries on as well as white socks

White, black or red tea parties size 38-39

Show me the sets you have:) Anything with flowers i'm usually interested

I also been looking for this cutsew

Or shorts like these

Please note that even though i'm posting this WTB post, i'm not looking for something to pricey, i need some items for an upcoming convention ;)
Tags: !wtb, emily temple cute, secret shop
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