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DS Creamy Soda Pop and DA Reminder: Blooming Garden JSK ending 9pm ECT Tonight!

My feedback link:
I am not doing holds right now

Payment by PayPal only
I do not have any pets
The item goes to whoever puts their paypal first
However, I reserve the right to go to the next person if the first person looks to be flaky/isn't responding
Shipping and Paypal fees are NOT included, unless stated otherwise.

Just a quick reminder that I'm selling my Blooming Garden JSK tonight!


Creamy Soda Pop Print JSK in Black- $180 or best offer

I really do like this dress, as it's very vivid, bright, and adorable. However, I'm realizing more that these kinds of prints don't suit me very well. I bought it from mbok and have only worn it once. The girl who originally owned it clearly took very good care of it. It's a bit like Jewelry Jelly, but with a much more solid and clear print.
Measurements as listed by Hellolace: 91cm length, 90~100cm bust, 71~80cm waist
Tags: !da, !ds, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose
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