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!DS: Meta 2009 Special Set

 Hey everyone!


§ All prices are in USD.
§ I ship from Australia.
§ Prices DON'T include shipping unless otherwise stated.
§ I use Paypal. First buyer that supplies paypal address gets first preference. Buyer is to pay within 24 hours, otherwise the item will go to the next person in line. I only accept messages on this post, no PM’s thanks.
§ I will try and send the items out as soon as I get the payment if possible. This may be the next day, but I will try and be as prompt as possible.
§ I do own a cat, though all care is taken to keep him away from my dresses. Dresses will be washed before being sent out.
§ I can take more pictures if requested.
§ I ship big items through registered post only. Insurance is available; I do not take any responsibility for lost packages.
§ My feedback can be found  here on eglfeedback


Item 1: Metamorphose 2009 Summer Special Set in PINK $105USD 
STOCK (one on the left)

My Pictures:

This was my first ever Lolita buy. I like it, but after I got the set in black I never wore it again. Pink really doesn't suit me that much. Only worn twice, and kept in a cupboard ever since. Comes with a little accessories bag with wrist cuffs, waist tie, and head bow. 
Fit’s a bust of 36”~37” MAX and I’d say a 35” Waist MAX. can go a fair bit smaller from shirring and waist ties.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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