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DS! DOL Milky Planet, AP Fairy Princess JSK & Pettis~ Plus Size Friendly

*Only accepting Paypal
*Prices are in USD and include paypal fees
*Only shipping in the U.S Sorry I don't ship international
*I only ship via USPS Priority Mail
*If you request for a hold, I require a small deposit (a non-refundable $10 to hold your spot) because I've had trouble with people saying they're interested and backing out last minute
*I ship anywhere from 1-4 days after I get the payment
*Please note that after I ship I won't be held responsible for any damages or missing packages unless you buy insurance/tracking
*I may be slow with replies. On days where I work, it's usually an 11 hour shift with no access to a computer, so please be aware!
*First to leave their paypal and pay the asking price get priority.


Bodyline White Petti $25 shipped

I've used this twice, its elastic so you have to pull it on, and I'd say it fits my 34" waist and I can pull it over my 41" hips but I don't recommend any larger or you'll have to do some serious manuevering. It has cute little bows on it and doesn't have any rips, stains, tears that I can see.

Offbrand Red & Black skirt $20 shipped

I bought this as one of my first pieces into lolita. I've used it as a petti since it works well to fan out some of my other dresses xD The waist is fully elastic so you need to pull it on, so I'd say max waist is 34" and I can pull it over my 41" hips.

Angelic Pretty Fairy Princess JSK $125 shipped *SOLD TO sparklychelsey*

It fits a range of sizes since it has a fully shirred bust. This JSK is extremely poofy~ even I was suprised by how much poof there was in the skirt part of the dress. I bought this JSK a couple weeks ago and even though it has a fully shirred bust, sadly, I look horrible in fully shirred items :/ I'm just trying to get what I paid for it.



MaM Parfait JSK $105 shipped SOLD

Max bust:43"
Max Waist: 35"

I really just want this gone xD This was one of my first lolita pieces when I discovered that I fit into fully shirred back items. Originally I bought this for $175. It's a cute print, I just don't have the patience to buy items to coord with.

Dol Milky Planet JSK $80 shipped (*Sold to harajukusweet*)

Bust: Max 100cm

I bought it with the intention of building up my wardrobe, but turns up at 43" bust it just makes for an awkward boob loaf xD I tried this on twice (for under five minutes at home), once when I got it and again earlier today and decided that it just wasn't for me.

Thanks for taking the time to look! Please if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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