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DS: Cute Offbrand And Handmade Skirt, Cutsew, Headbow's, Headdresses, and more!

This is my first time that I post, so I hope I do everything right...^o^

Here is my feedback
Also I got my own website: www.madewlove.nl with Lolita stuff :)

I will ship internationally, but the shipping cost are only including the prices if you are living in Europe. 

Payment: Paypal and bank tranfer, but I prefer bank transfers. 


1. Made With Love Blue Skirt €55.- Including the matching headbow: €62.-
Measurements : Waist : 88 CM
                             Length: 62 CM
Condition: New, With Tags


2. Made With Love Blue Headbow €11.-

3. Made With Love Polkadot Cutsew €45.-
Chest size: 34 CM
Hip circumference: 49 CM
Arm width: 24 CM - 35 CM
Condition: New, with tags. 

Stock Photo : http://www.madewlove.nl/polkadot%20madewlove.html

4. Made With Love Flower Headbow €15.-
Condition: New, with tags.

5. Made With Love Poodle Bag €15.-
Condition: New, with tags.

6. Made With Love Mint Headdress €22.-
Condition: New, with Tags. 

7. Made With Love Fluffy Valetta €13.-
Condition: New, with Tags.

8. Made With Love Bow Brooch €13.-
Condition: New, with Tags.

9. Made With Love Red Headdress €22.-
Condition: New, with tags.

10. Made With Love Black-White Lace Headbow €17.-
Condition: new, with tags.

11. Made With Love Crown Earrings €7.50
Condition: new, with tags.

12. Made With Love Poker Earrings €7.50
Condition: New with tags.

13. Made With Love Melody Earrings €7.50
Condition: New with tags.

14. Handmade Pink Cupcake bag € 13.-
Condition: New, without tags

15. Handmade Brown Cupcake bag €13.-
Condition: New, without tags.

16. Handmade Purple Headdress €5.-
New, without tags.

17. Handmade Red Headbow €7.- 
Worn Once.

18. Black OTK's. €5.-
Worn Once.

19. Pink UTK's €3.-
Worn previously, has a little hole on the toe. so thats why I ask a so low price. 

If you have any questions, please ask! 

Tags: !ds, handmade, offbrand

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