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WTB: My wishlist dresses for my B-day *edit*

Hi, My birthday is coming up and I like to buy a dress or dresses for that day. My budget is for replica around 75 dollars/ 55 euro. For Brand its around 150 dollars/105 euro. Its depends on the condition its in. A loose thread or a little stain I dont.
I have pay pal and live in the Netherlands.

My feedback: eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1376415.html

My measurements:
bust : 88cm
Waist : 75cm

I would really like to buy Angelic pretty replicas or Brand . I would prefer replica.

*** My Wish list ***

*** Melty Chocolate JSK + headbow in Pink
*** Milky Planet JSK 2 + headbow in Black ( replica only )
*** Little Bear Cafe JSK + headbow in Mint and Brown ( Brand or Replica )
*** Wonder Cookie JSK + headbow in light blue or blue (would really like Brand in white or black )
** Whimsical Vanilla-chan Tiered JSK + headbow in Black or pink ( replica or brand  )
** Milky-chan of the Fawn Ribbon JSK + headbow in Black or White or Brown ( Replica only )

I also like Tartan JSKs in pink/black or pink/white with heart pockets.
I LOVE Sweet prints with cookie or animals or candy or fruit ect...

I really need some Brown shoes in size 24.5cm/ size L
I would prefer Bodyline or An tan na.

So you so sell something different, but sweet just leave a comment :)

Thanks for Reading, have a very nice day :)
Tags: !wtb, *replica, an-ten-na, angelic pretty, bodyline, taobao

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