evilbunniez (sarahscantron) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Attn: seller: tiamat4eva

I bought a Chocomint heart clip from tiamat4eva on 8/26/11. She's seemingly dropped off the face of the earth since I paid my $18 that same day.

I've received zero communication from her after my paid invoice. She stated in her sale that she required tracking, which I'm assuming she included in the quoted shipping price. I have yet to receive a tracking number. I wouldn't even mind not having the number, as long as the seller communicated with me her shipping plans, which obviously she has not. To this day I haven't received my clip. 

I posted to the original thread a few days ago asking about when she planned on shipping with no reply from her.

She has positive feedback, so she is likely not a scammer. I hate to go to such lengths over $18. 

So, if anyone personally knows tiamat4eva, please tell her that I'm trying to get ahold of her. 

Tags: !attention buyer/seller, chocomint
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