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SS! Shopping Service for Closet Child, AatP, AP, Btssb and many more

Thank you, that you are interested in my shopping service. Because I spend one year in Japan for studying, I want to offer the opportunity to shop in Japan.

At first I want to say, I try to get everything you want and I'm not specialized to Lolita, Gyaru or Punk (or what else you are looking for). Also I'm maybe a little bit cheaper than other Shopping Services and this for a reason. My Studies have highest priorities, so it can happen, that the in store Shopping Service is only available on week-end. But I try my best to work in time for you.

I buy:
  • from websites
  • in stores (Shinjuku - Marui ONE eg, Shibuya - 109 eg, Harajuku - Laforet, Wonderrocket, Bodyline and more)
  • from auctions (under construction)
  • as a special: Closet Child
Links to shops:
Harajuku Laforet
Harajuku Wonderrocket
Forever 21
Feel free to ask fore others. But it needs to be around Shibuya, Harajuku or Shinjuku.

Closet Child:

Closet Child official Blog
Closet Child official Blog for gothic and punk
Closet Child Vivienne Westwood
Please take a look at the blog page to see what's in the store.
I charge a fee of 10% to the shopped value. As a special, I offer a highest value of fee for online shopping (orders from websites or auctions) of 50€ per order. For in store and closet child shopping service the border is 100€.


Please check for EMS, SAL and by ship: Hitsus Shopping Service

My bank uses a bad exchange rate, so please use 1€:100Yen. Attention I had to low down the exchange rate. If the Euro is getting stronger again, I will correct my rate, too. Please pay in euro.

For international Customers:
I prefer Paypal as safer and easier way for both sides. Please remember to add 4% Paypal fee to the final value and send the money always in euro.

For German Customers:
Ich besitze ein deutsches Konto bei Comdirect, auf das ich in Japan ohne extra Gebühren zugreifen kann.
Paypal ist aber auch möglich, wenn es schnell gehen soll.
Please write me, what you want to: hitsumitsuo@i.softbank.jp
Please send me links and further informations (if needed like size or colour eg.).
I will contact you as fast as I can.
I will send you then the amount (shopping price plus service fee -plus 4% Paypal). When I got the money, I will buy your wished things.
After I bought or recieved anything you want, I will send you the inquiry of the shipping costs. I will send then as soon as possible. Please understand that my studies have highest priority, so it can happen that I can send only on week-end.

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