chandni_sky (chandni_sky) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: Red Items! Shoes, Blouse, socks and accessories! (to match Miracle Candy)

Location: North Carolina, USA
Shipping: I absolutely DO want shipping confirmation with ANY order! 
Payment: Paypal

 I am looking to purchase a Red Miracle Candy Tripple Teir JSK in the very near future (I'd post a WTB now, but I'm waiting to get paid, so for now I'll look for accessories for it). Even if I cannot find that particular dress, I'm looking to add Red to my mainly black and pink wardrobe! Here is what I'm looking for:
Brand, taobao/secrete shop or  Bodyline only. I am not looking for "loliable" items! I don't mind hand-made (such as wrist cuffs, but no bows please, as I'd rather look for that with Miracle Candy).
+ Blouse - long or short sleeve
+ Socks 
+ Shoes   -  Japanese size 23.5, US - 7 - 7.5, Europe 38
+ Jewelry: Rings, Necklace, plastic headband (I want one, but sometimes these hurt my head... so maybe if it's not too small a fit?)
Thank you so very much! 

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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