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!DS: Btssb, VM, AP and ETC jsks, skirt, headband and top

Hello everyone, and welcome to my sales! Here are my terms:


-          I only accept paypal

-          I don’t charge PP-fees

-          Payments must be made in NOK, norwegian kroner

Priority goes to

-          Whoever leaves their paypal first and is able to pay full price.


-          I am open to trades for classical lolita items, please show me what you have and I’ll have a look!

Shipping – IMPORTANT!

-          Shipping from Norway is quite expensive, and there is no tracking option

-          I can only calculate the shipping cost by physically going to the post office during the day

-          Please consider this before you ask for a shipping quote, only do it if you are very sure you want to buy the item

-          Example of shipping cost to Europe for a package weighing 1 kg is 85 nok/ 11 euros, but I can be more if the package is big

My feedback

I am open to offers on all items! I really want to sell, so please don’t hesitate to talk to me if you don’t like the prices!

Victorian Maiden Rococo Bouquet blouse dress – 1400 nok/182 euro - SOLD



Bust: 88 cm

Waist: 73

Length: 92 cm

I bought this new directly from Victorian Maiden and have worn it once. I can include the original tags if the buyer wishes it. The buttons down the front can be worn closed, or open with an underskirt underneath.

The reason I’m selling this is that my bust is too big; it was gaping between the buttons. I tried sewing in some snap buttons, but they didn’t hold and I removed them again without leaving any traces. I would not recommend this for a bust larger than 88 cm, if you don’t know how to weaken the elastic in the back or add more buttons.
Better pictures:

Btssb Sweet fruit à la mode print macaron jsk – 1100 nok/143 euro OBO

Detail back:
Detail side:


Length: 92-94cm

Bust: 84-94cm

Waist: 78-86cm

This is a beloved dress of mine; it just has the most beautiful and delicate print and lots of little details like gorgeous lace and ruffles. But after keeping it for almost 2 years without wearing it, I have realized it is too sweet for me and that I should sell it to someone who will wear it. I bought it second hand from Closet Child, but it came in a nearly perfect condition and I have not worn it myself.


Btssb Royal tartan check shirring princess jsk – 600 nok/ 78 euro OBO

Closeup chest:
Detail chest, where I fixed it:
Detail inside, where I fixed it:


Bust: 70-100 cm

Waist: 60-96 cm

Length: 90 cm

This dress will fit a number of sizes because it is all shirred. It is quite thick and heavy, and is a perfect dress for autumn and winter. I bought it new in the Baby Paris shop and have only worn it once, so it is in very good condition. It had one flaw when I bought it that I only discovered after going home from Paris, and that was a ripped thread on the chest. I fixed it and now it is not visible at all when the dress is worn. I also snipped of the little gold heart on the chest bow. I can sew it back on if you want, or include it separately so it can be worn as a pendant or something (what I did).

Angelic pretty sheep garden skirt and headband set in beige – 1850/240 euro OBO


Both pictures are without a petticoat

This set is in perfect condition; it was bought new from the AP Paris shop and only worn once. The headband has wires inside so you can shape it to your wishes, I shaped mine to copy how I saw Maki wearing it but it can be reshaped again. I am willing to split up the set, but only if I can find a buyer for both parts.

Skirt measurements:

Length: About 50 cm

Waist: 64-74 cm

Emily Temple cute knit top with crocheted strawberries - 230 nok/30 euro - OBO - Payment pending

Closeup chest:

This is a really cute top, but sadly my bust is a bit too big for it and stretches it out too much for my tastes. It should fit anyone with a bust smaller than 90 cm I think. I bought it second hand at Closet child, and never wore it myself. It is in very good condition, with lots of lovely details.

Thank you for looking!
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