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!ATTN Seller: crashdamage

Regarding the sale of a jabot from an Angelic Pretty blouse :http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/16113088.html

I bought this jabot on 09/01/2011(paid via PayPal invoice) and she stated that she was going to ship it out the next day through Priority mail. I needed it for an event that Sunday, and she says she could even possibly ship it express mail. I've sent her a pm asking if she shipped it priority and she replied that she did, so I waited  bit longer. (We're both in the US) However, it''s been over a week and if she had shipped it, it should have been here by now.

I sent her another PM on asking for the tracking number or a proof of shipment such as a receipt and warned her that I would open a paypal dispute if she wouldn't reply to my mail. I know its been only a week, but she stated she had shipped it out already, so even usps first class mail should have arrived. 

Does anyone know her in real life that might be able to shed some light in this situation? I don't want to jump the gun on this one, but it seems as if it's been a bit too long. (That and she doesn't have any feedback just yet)

Thank you for your time~!!

I'm not sure if I need my feedback but if I do, here it is anyways~ 

Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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