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DS: Infanta Pink Poodle OP

~* Feedback can be found Here as well as in my journal Here. *~
~* Paypal fees are included in the price. *~
~* Shipping is NOT included in price. *~
~* Tracking is an extra $0.30 for anything. *~
~* U.S. Buyers only please, prefer to ship priority. *~
~* I can take more pictures of anything! *~
~* Feel free to voice any questions or concerns you have, and I will answer them! *~

Infanta Pink Poodle OP: $50
Stock Pic

Size is Infanta size large, the back has waist ties and shirring. It still fits me even though I'd usually be Infanta size Medium.

Worn Pic (I'm not wearing the detatchable middle bow, but I still have it and will include it with the OP):

Tags: !ds, infanta
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