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DS, AFC // The Snowfield Wristcuff updates and Commissions

My feedbak :
Shipping from GA, USA
I have 4 cats. I try  to remove every single fur before I ship but I can't help some furs keep attach.. >_<

Give paypal address first has proiority :)

Shipping fee : 4 for US(with tracking), 6 for International first class

Twin Ribbon Pink Wristcuff - 23
more pictures :

Strawberry Chocolate Cake Wristcuff - 25
more pictures :

Vanila Strawberry Wristcuff - 23
more pictures :

Pinky Wristcuff - 23
more pictures :

Pink Lavender Wristcuff - 23
more pictures :

Pink Sugar Wristcuff 2 - 25

Mint Strawberry cupcake - 23

Pink Star Wristcuff - 25

Clear Sky Wristcuff - 20

Pony in the soda pop - 30

Strawberry cake wrirscuff - 20

* Commissions
Open for Wristcuff and JSK, OP commissions
PM me or visit facebook page

More items(Minihats, JSK, OP, Bloomers etc on sale) at Etsy shop

Tags: !afc, !ds, handmade, indie brand

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