lolilove_sweet (lolilove_sweet) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Metamorphose lucky pack items, chocomint

Here are something you need to read before buying from me ^^
♥ Shipping is not included in the price, please ask me for it (i only ship on registered mail unless asked otherwise)
♥ My feedback is in here
♥ paypal payment only
♥ The items will be shipped as soon as possible
♥ I'm open to offers

Metamorphose Lucky Pack Tote bag   Waiting Payment

    Condition: New, never used, still with tag  
Price: 10€  8€    6€

Metamorphose Lucky Pack Necklace

Condition: new, never used, it still has the tag
Price: 17.50€      14€

Chocomint Necklace

Condition: New
Price: 15€
Tags: !ds, chocomint, metamorphose
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