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DS! small closet cleaning

I'm doing a small closet cleaning
- I live in a smoke free house, we dont own a cat, I have been to friends that have cats with my lolita clothes, so there might be some hair on them (but I have tried to remove the hair since my dad's allergic)
- I ship from sweden
- shipping is not included in the price
- my feedback:

btssb skirt
perfect condition exept some tea spots (that the first owner did, I'm the third but I havnt worn it, only tried on) 
(more pictures here)

Price: 350 SEK (about 54 USD)

2. AP tea party size M
used about 5 times (I'm the second owner, the first owner only wore them 1-2 times)
(the clips are included)
more pictures here

Price: 1000 SEK, about 153 USD

3. Tralala t-shirt (pink)
only tried on (washed afterwards)

back (the black thing in the lower right corner is the camera strap)
the text havnt faded, its just that it was a bit hard capturing it because of the light >.<'
price: 150 SEK, about 23 USD

4. btssb cutsew
I dont remember how many times the previous owner wore it, sorry >.<'' but I've worn it 2 times (and its been washed!)

price: 250 SEK, about 38 USD

5. brown wig
I'm the second owner (I have worn it 2 times) the first owner only tried it on
its a bit frizzy from storing, but otherwise its in pretty good condition (the curls are still looking very good)

price: 150 SEK, about 23 USD

thank you for looking
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, offbrand
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