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DA: Chess Chocolate DS: Sugar Pansy, Rose Promise, closet cleaning

Paypal only
~ Please ask for shipping estimates.  Will take additional pictures if requested
~ Prices ARE negotiable!
Right now I'm not interested in trades.

AP Chess Chocolate Brown Skirt + Headbow

Check Hellolace for sizing and additional info

The tags have been removed, but neither has been worn (though tried on). Will include tag + fabric swatch for the skirt.

Starting Bid: $300
Current Bid: -
Increments: $10
End time: Saturday, 17 September, 12:00 am CST

AP Sugar Pansy yellow skirt- $220 + shipping

Worn a couple times, no flaws that I can find.  Has a convenient side pocket, built in petti, and lined waist ties.

Check Hellolace for sizing and additional info


AatP Beauty and the Rose Promise ivory OP- $230 + shipping

Worn picture
Hellolace info

Worn 4 times.  It's in great condition outwardly, but there is a small amount of hidden damage to the inside of the fabric
It's tough to photograph because it's a texture thing, but there's a
rough patch where the fabric was ironed from the backside.  The front of
the fabric and the print are still smooth and unaltered by the damage,
so it does not show.  The rough patch is also covered on the inside of
the skirt by the lining, so you don't have to feel it while worn.  I've
worn and gently washed the dress since the initial damage and it hasn't
worsened and the fabric hasn't weakened.  However, I tried pricing it to reflect the damage.

No shirring.  Can fit around a max 36" bust and a max 28" waist which is adjustable with waist ties.

Meta mint fruit punch (non-border) skirt- $65 + shipping

Full elastic waistband, not sure on absolute max.  (I tried measuring it but it's pretty much impossible)

Worn once and washed.  

AatP Black Millefuielle wedge heels (size M)- $65 + shipping

Worn quite a few times, but still in good condition.  Overall there are some minor scuffs and creases, but it all blends into the rough texture of the shoe that I can't really get my camera to capture it, so please realize the price reflects these minor damages. 

Secret Shop Lavender teaparties (size M)- $50 + shipping

Unfortunately these didn't match what I bought them for.  Unworn, but the bows came slightly squished.  Not sure if this is fixible or not.

Angelic Pretty lavender blouse- $80 + shipping

No shirring.  Pintucks down the sleeves and front.  Standing
collar with lace and a removable neck tie.  Fits up to about a 36" bust

IW Bunny goblin lightweight coat- $150 + shipping

Worn a couple times.  It's a great coat for autumn/cool temperatures, but not heavy.
I'd say the bust shouldn't go over 38" and the waist 35" but it's hard
to judge since you'd be wearing clothing under it.  I'm a 35-26 and
while wearing a full outfit I still have quite a few inches to spare.
Damaged seam under right armpit - It's not split open, just the threads are pulled
Pulled/fuzzy threads on left sleeve (by bunny ear)
Reverse side of fabric - the jacket is lined in black

Yellowxmint Meta OTKs $25 + shipping (never worn)

-Meta Twinkle journey OTKs $30 + shipping (never worn)

-Meta Fruit OTKs $30 + shipping (worn once)

The cherries at the back of the heel are slightly rough from rubbing against shoe, but otherwise they're in great condition.

Thank you for looking!  Feel free to ask any questions
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