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!DS/DT: Closet Cleaning!

+ I only sell within the US, but I can trade anywhere.
+ I take payment by Paypal only.
+ All prices are negotiable, but full price gets priority.
+ If more than one person are willing to pay full price, first to leave Paypal and commit to the sale gets priority (you can't leave it to hold a spot)
+ Trades/partial trades have priority over sales
+ I try to ship within 2-3 business days after receiving payment. If there is a delay I'll let you know, and if you are in a hurry for the item, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
+ I reserve the right to refuse a sale/trade for any reason.
+ Feel free to ask more questions, request photos, etc :)
+ All items fit a 88cm bust, 72cm waist unless stated otherwise. Feel free to ask for more detailed measurements.

Information for trades:
+ My measurements are 88cm bust, 72cm waist, 5'4" height
+ I prefer brand but will take high quality offbrand
+ Feel free to offer items not on my wishlist - they are only for ideas of the style I like (which changes all the time anyway xD)
+ I am especially looking for a long-sleeved bolero / cardi

[My wishlist for trade ideas]


#1 BTSSB Socks - Each pair $20 shipped US
I only tried them on. The black ones' previous owner wore them 1-2 times, but the white ones' previous owner only tried them on.

#2 R-Series Blouse - $60 shipped US
Size M (88cm bust, 68cm waist according to seller)
The white chandelier ties are included.
The brown neck ribbon is NOT included.
Like new, only tried on. Selling because it doesn't fit me that well.

#3 HMHM Dress (Replica of an MM dress) - $60 shipped US
Bought used from the comm. Has a thread that has come loose around the shoulder area but I can't seem to get it to show up on a photo.
Please let me know if you'd like a photo and I can try again.
EDIT: I found more loose threads (mostly on the inside of the dress) than the one I mentioned, so I'm reducing the price from 66USD to 60 USD.
EDIT2: Found some yellow stains near armpit/shoulder area which aren't really noticable. Feel free to ask for extra pics.

#4 BTSSB Blouse - $26 shipped US SOLD
[Extra worn pic #1] [Extra worn pic #2]
Bought used from the comm. Has two buttons missing (the topmost one and the one under the bust area)
Has the BTSSB logo.

#5 Offbrand cardigan - $14 shipped US
Bought secondhand, in good condition.

#6 & #7 Black Anna House Blouse - $20 shipped US & #7 DoL Cat Window skirt - $30 shipped US BOTH INVOICED
Blouse - Bought secondhand on the comm but I never really wore it myself.
Skirt - In used condition, the black has run a bit into the white but the damage isn't noticable when worn.

#8 Black Velvet OP by Cornet - $85 shipped US
Bought secondhand, good condition, selling because it's quite short on me.
I'm around 5'4" for reference.

[Worn pic to see length]

DT Only:

#1 Atelier Pierrot cape
Got it off Mbok a long while ago and still haven't been able to find something to coordinate with.

#2 Innocent World Little Lady JSK
Long version in beige/pink
Was my first dream dress and first brand dress, but I realized that I don't really wear it much anymore :( I think stock pic below is for short version.
Image Hosted by

#3 AatP Sleeping Beauty Set
Includes skirt, headbow and tote bag.
I really loved this print and spent a while collecting the set, but I don't think it looks as good on me as I'd hoped.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, !dt, *replica, alice and the pirates, anna house, atelier pierrot, baby the stars shine bright, coronet, hmhm, innocent world, r-series, taobao
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