daidaipocky (daidaipocky) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB:Yellow Milky Planet Headbow,Twinkle Star Bag,Fuzzy Star Accessories

Hello everyone! I am looking for a couple of items from Angelic Pretty. My feedback is

I am currently looking for the following...

1.Yellow Milky Planet Headbow ***Update**** I have the DOL and a handmade one. Im only interested in the AP one of this now.

Angelic Pretty
Ive been looking for the headbow for a while and keep missing out on it. So if you have a yellow or pink headbow that your selling and think will match with milky planet in yellow please post, thanks!

2.Yellow Twinkle Star Bag ***Update*** I am still looking for this bag AP or replica.

Angelic Pretty
Just like the headbow I keep missing out on this bag. I would really like this bag in yellow but I dont mind looking at other colors.
3.Fuzzy Star accessories for the hair or to wear as a brooch ***Update*** I have a couple now. Please link me to your shop or post if you have any yellow accessories.

Thank you for looking or trying to help me find my wtb's. If you have anything similar or know where these items are located please post below, thank you! But PM's are fine.
Tags: !wtb, *replica, angelic pretty, chocomint, handmade
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