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DA: Blooming Garden

My feedback link:
Payment by PayPal only
I do not have any pets
Shipping and PP fees are NOT included, unless stated otherwise.
I am NOT taking bids through PMs. You must post on this page.
Bids must be at a minimum of $10

Auctions end on Monday, September 12th, 2011 at 9pm East Coast time
The winner is whoever gets the last bid at 9:00pm. 9:01 would be too late.

Blooming Garden Tulle JSK in Black

This print is even more gorgeous than the stock photo and crappy phone pic (sorry, my good one broke) implies. Lots of beautiful details on the print, as well as buttons along the stomach and tiny decorations along the collar.
Hellolace says 86~100cm bust, 74~85cm waist, but I'm going to say it's more max bust 94 and max waist 75cm. I can't really vouch for the minimum, but I would estimate they are correct about those measurements. it Really great for taller lolis, as it is 98cm long.

I can show more pictures upon request.

Bid starts at $150
Current Bid-$350
Highest Bidder-mad_katter
Tags: !da, metamorphose
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